Why You Should Follow Jeffree Star On Social Media IMMEDIATELY!

It's no secret that Jeffree Star is a gift from, well, the heavens (get it, because his name is Jeffree STAR!). But recently, girl, he's been killing, nay, MURDERING, the makeup market.

Aside from his amazing collection of liquid lipsticks, available here, he and his team have announced the upcoming release of highlighters, in addition to an eyeshadow palette.

What I find most extraordinary about Jeffree Star, though (aside from the quality of the makeup, which is pigmented for the gods), is his willingness to call bullsh*t, and keep it "real." In this day and age, we are surrounded by and offered so many ways to change how we are perceived by others. Most of this power is inherently apparent through so-called social media "celebrities." These people, more often than not, offer a facade that shows opulence to an unwavering degree. What is not shown, though, is how such opulence was achieved.

To me, this is one of the biggest problems. It sends a distorted message across the platforms upon which it is broadcast. In recent memory, and certainly of note, is Jeffree Star's now legendary snapchat story/twitter-rant about the, shall we say, disappointing quality of Kylie Jenner lip-gloss brushes. The rant has, thanks to the wonderful powers-that-be of the internet, been immortalized on several websites. You can take a look at it here. While I will never purchase a product with the Jenner or Kardashian name on it, I can see why so many individuals were disappointed. I mean, to paraphrase the words of Mr. Star: a celebrity with many millions of dollars should have the know-how, or at least the people with the know-how, to control such products for quality.

While I do believe that consumers have the obvious right to choose what they wish to purchase, it boggles my mind that people actually buy Jenner's products. Maybe I'm too much of a cynic for most people, but I would never feel safe/secure/good, If I were to use a Kylie product. Frankly, she lacks the experience. She hasn't had to face the real world, and the risks that face fledgeling companies. Someone like Jeffree Star, however does have the experience, and has had to face the risks.

Even though Jeffree Star's social media platforms are now graced with such brands as: Chanel , Versace , Christian Louboutin, and Dior, to name a few, he still seems to be grounded and grateful. And, you'll even catch him using and promoting more affordable brands.

So, if you want to support an amazing cosmetics brand, whose products exceed expectations (and are not tested on animals!), then I suggest you get your a** in gear and rectify the situation immediately!

The best way to keep up-to-date with Jeffree Star, and his company: Jeffree Star Cosmetics (JSC), is to follow all of his social media platforms, which I will link below.

Jeffree Star's YouTube Channel .

Jeffree's Instagram. JSC Instagram.

Jeffree's Twitter.

Jeffree's Snapchat: jeffreedahmer.

Have fun!

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