Flu: A Poem

Flu: A Poem

Could you ever catch my cocaine-kissed affection?


Could you ever catch my

cocaine-kissed affection

as commonly as a cold?

Could I survive eternally,

outlast the white

blood cell's holocaust blight,

hell-bent on destroying every bit

of me galumphing through your

veins before you ever can empty

me out in one large

heroin-purging hemorrhage?

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Modern Art Is Not Art

Can what is essentially a urinal really be considered art?

Modern art is a broad term which defines the artwork created from the 1860's to the 1970's. The main characteristic of this art movement is that all caution was thrown to the wind; new styles grew out of old ones, each straying farther from the lifelike paintings we associate with the times before it. Experimentation was rampant, and the question 'What constitutes art?' was on everyone's mind. Chances are that if you have been to an art museum with these types of exhibits, you have either said or heard someone say the words 'I could have done that'. I'll admit it, more than once I've caught myself looking at pieces and wishing I had enough luck to make something as simple as a black canvas famous. In those days, however, I did not have any concept of why these artists made their pieces, or the skill that went into them. By educating ourselves about this movement, we can begin to understand what exactly art is, and how it has influenced our own views in society. Here are some examples of how skill and context are important in modern art.


Pictured Above: "Les Desmoiselles D'Avignon" by Pablo Picasso and "The Mona Lisa" by Leonardo Da Vinci

Although it may not seem like it when upon first glance at the first painting, but Pablo Picasso, like Da Vinci, was a master at realistic drawings. Because of that particular skill set he had developed, he was able to create innovative works (such as above) that were unique to their time. However, not all artists in this vast movement were skilled in the traditional ways of art making. Although artists like Jackson Pollock did not formally draw, they, like Picasso, created pieces that were incredibly new and even outrageous. This too, is another reason why they became known.


Pictured above: " The Swing" by Jean Honore Fragonard and "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp.

These two works are obviously very different-- one is a master oil painting and the other is a urinal with the words "R. Mutt 1917" painted onto it. "The Swing", painted in 1767, showcases the detail and beauty that was valued in artwork during that ers, along with stating subtly cheeky messages, noting the man in the bushes looking up the woman's skirt. "The Fountain" though it was just an object, caused a small movement known as Dadaism. the artist, Duchamp, metaphorically spat in the faces of art jurors and deemed this piece to be 'art for art's sake'. His reasoning here was that there was no functionality to it, and it was presented with art in mind. That was just one of many instances in which viewers were pushed to think about the aims of the work and artist during this movement.

Furthermore, the Modern Art movement contained so many genres and newfound ideals that an article on them all would turn into a book. Many artists made a name for themselves and their philosophies, and although there is a possibility that you, as a viewer of their pieces, COULD HAVE made it, the point is that you did not.

Cover Image Credit: Million Voices Mag

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Pretty: A Poem

I'm not just a pretty face.


There's no point

Just being a pretty face

For people to gawk at

And laugh thinking about what they wanna do to me

In their bed, at night,

Under the sheets, all rosy and nice

A porcelain doll

Waiting for guys to touch and feel me

As if I am just a toy

Wide open

My fruits

Open and bare


Wild and dangerous, hidden deep below the surface


They just do a hit and run

While I lay on the flat surface of the cold, hardened floor

Thinking someone would just pick me up again

In this cold, cold world

Of male superiority


The real patriarchal system

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