Floyd Mayweather Jr. and His Retirement
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. and His Retirement

Is it time to put down the gloves?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and His Retirement

On Saturday Sept. 12, Floyd Mayweather Jr. claimed his 49th victory over Andre Berto. This fight gave Mayweather Jr. a 49-0 record, tying Rocky Marciano for the most wins without a loss or draw in boxing history. The boxer is now retired and has left many fans wondering if this retirement is true, or just a hoax to gain publicity. How could someone so close to breaking boxing history instead of just tying give up without an attempt? I am not sure whether or not this retirement will be sustained, but if anyone in boxing deserves to hang up his gloves and trunks, it’s Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Over a nine-year professional career, Mayweather Jr. has displayed excellent boxing skill. Twenty-six of his 49 victories have come by knockout, showing he has power to end a bout early. However, in the later stages of his career, Mayweather Jr. has relied on his impenetrable defense and intelligence in the ring. Many boxing fans often get upset because a Floyd Mayweather fight does not involve a lot of “drama." There is a lot of clinching and strategic punches being thrown, rather than power sluggers attempting to win a flashy knockout. Even though people will say this is less entertaining to watch, the same boxing fans who get upset will agree that Mayweather Jr has the best defense in modern boxing. The boxing world should have seen enough evidence to convince them that he is the best boxer in the world. I am OK with Floyd Mayweather Jr walking away now because he has already convinced me that he cannot be beaten by anyone in the boxing circuit.

Early in his career, Mayweather Jr. adopted the nickname “Pretty Boy Floyd." Somewhere toward the middle of his career the nickname changed to Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Shown by this name change, Mayweather Jr. has always been about the money. He has openly claimed to the media that the paycheck is more important than a boxing belt. Mayweather has a current net worth of $400 million, and he is coming off a fight this past May against Manny Pacquiao that earned him $200 million in one night. This same fight earned $300 million from Pay-Per-View payments alone and broke a PPV record becoming the most ordered ever at 3 million views. Mayweather Jr.’s career earnings are in the range of $600 million and he is number one on Forbes' highest paid athlete list. Needless to say, Floyd has the money and does not need any more.

For a fighter who has proven himself the best, and has the money that has always been a priority for him next to winning, why stay in the fighting business? The facts are that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the most skilled fighter alive in the boxing world, and he is insanely wealthy. Winning and money have been the most important things to him when it comes to boxing and he clearly has checks in both of those boxes. If Floyd Mayweather Jr. does stay in retirement and hang up the gloves for good, it is definitely the end of an era. I will miss all the fights where his skill and savvy were on display, but this opens the door for new names in boxing to prove they are now the best.

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