Five Ways to Make Everyday an Adventure
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Five Ways to Make Everyday an Adventure

Do you want to have adventures again?

Five Ways to Make Everyday an Adventure

In childhood, every walk through the forest, every trip to Walmart or simple activities like playing with a friend at night could make life exciting, and alive. As we grow older, and childhood is a thing of the past however, these mundane, everyday adventures seem almost impossible, a fantastic dream for the innocent, and just like that, we accept the dry routine of the adult world.
I know that many however, yearn for those simple adventures again, to feel alive is after all, what almost everyone really wants, yet we find ourselves seemingly unable to find it.
However, this is far from the truth, as adventure is usually right in front of your fingertips, just waiting for the day that you decide to open your mind and heart back up to the possibility of everyday adventures existing for even you as an adult.

Here are five simple things you can do to help unlock your potential to create everyday adventures.

Start out by simply allowing the little things in your day to take on a new life, let that curious little squirrel who stares at people from time to time, or the smell of the fresh day cheer you up and mark it down mentally as a fun, unique thing that happened to you today!
Try changing things in your everyday life. If you have a normal path you walk, go the other way, try different foods, and talk to different people!
Always do the things you want to in your heart. No, I don't mean tell your boss off, or end your marriage, but if you want to get a pilots licence, or even just walk off around the town for a few good hours exploring, do it!
Make some plans of things that you want to do, even if they are outlandish and seem crazy to you. Make sure to put some little ones in there too, and try to work through at least one a week, if not a day. The planning itself can be a bit of an adventure!
Plan bigger adventures in addition to your little ones! This doesn't mean you need to spend all your money on tickets for Peru, it just means that if you want to go canoeing with a friend in the middle of the night to look at stars, go ahead and find a river for it, and plan that date. Get moving, so that you always get the adventures you so dearly want.

Most importantly through, remember that an adventure isnt about the budget, or what exotic place you went to. Its about what each individual person takes away from the experience, and the effect it has on you.

Good luck, and go have some fun!

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