5 Things You Understand If You're A Girl Who's Always Hungry
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5 Things You Understand If You're A Girl Who's Always Hungry

Yes, I want fries with that.

5 Things You Understand If You're A Girl Who's Always Hungry

If you know me, you know that I am always hungry. And I mean always. Hunger is pretty much a personality trait at this point. If you're anything like me, you'll relate to these five things that come along with being a very hungry girl.

1. "You just ate!"

I know I just ate, I was there. For some reason, people just can't wrap their heads around how often I need food. I don't care if it was a three-course meal, that was half an hour ago. Can we go through the drive through now?

2. You just don't relate to girls who are shy about eating in front of boys.

While your friends are eating their salads leaf by leaf, you're shoving that spaghetti down your pie whole like one of the guys. If he can't handle you when you're hangry, he doesn't deserve you once you've had dessert.

3. Deciding what to order at a restaurant feels like a life or death situation.

Do I want the chicken or a burger? Does this come with a side? We are getting an appetizer right? WHERE IS OUR WAITER?

4. Being a broke college student is not ideal for your dining needs.

Sorry, but these ramen noodles just will not cut it. How many swipes into the dining hall do I have left this week? Where are the free donuts?

5. And of course, "you eat a lot for a girl?"

Actually, I eat a lot for anyone, not just a girl. And I'm always thinking abut my next meal and what I'm craving. So if you're like me and food is your one true love, go ahead and order that twenty piece nugget - loud and proud... and don't forget the extra sauce.

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