5 Reasons Why You Miss High School And Five Reasons Why You Don't
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5 Reasons Why You Miss High School And Five Reasons Why You Don't

There are a million reasons you miss and don't miss about High School, here are just a few.

5 Reasons Why You Miss High School And Five Reasons Why You Don't
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Five Reasons why you don't miss High School

1. Dress Code

If you are a girl, forget it, you might as well just throw a parka on because you're getting in trouble if an inch of skin is showing. You might think you will get away with it that day because it's not like your hands are by your sides at all times, they will never know that your shorts are just .5 of a centimeter shorter than your finger tips, but oh wait here comes the assistant principle to bring you to ISS. The argument is that dressing inappropriately will distract the boys. I'm sorry, but unless you are stripped down into your bra and underwear then we should not have a problem. Sorry boys, us girls didn't mean to distract you.

2. 6 Hour Days

Unless you are a senior, you are stuck in school for your full 6 hours of torture. It's truly never ending. The sad part is that six hours is not even a long time. (p.s.) Stop watching the clock, it only makes it worse.

3. Drama

You will have the douchebag boys who are literally in love with themselves, and the bitch girls that think they are entitled to everything. You're going to get into fights with your best friends (it's inevitable) and they're most likely going to steal your boyfriend.

4. Homework

Yeah, don't even get me started. The 6 hours of torture wasn't enough, so lets give you kids 8 more hours of work to do at home....per class.... Not to mention, the homework is usually 100x harder or has completely nothing to do with the lesson you learned that day!!! Thank you for lowering my GPA significantly!! It's very much appreciated!

5. Fire Drills

You will never be warned for a fire drill. So, if it's -5 degrees outside, and you don't have a sweatshirt, it's really too bad because you are about to freeze your butt off for the next 20 minutes, because until every single human being is out of the building, they are not letting you back in!

Five Reasons why you Do miss High School

1. Student/ Teacher bonds

You probably have that favorite teacher(s)/employee(s) in the building that you just can't get through your day without seeing. That person will give you advice whether it's about school or just life in general, and will mentor you through your full four years in High School.

2. Spirit Week/ Pep-Rallies

You finally have a reason to look forward to school this week. You get to go all out on your favorite day (80's Day) without being judged! The pep-rally is on Friday and lets be real, it's Friday and anything that takes two hours out of your school day is going to be exciting, all the fun stuff you do at the pep-rallies is just a bonus.

3. Sports

Whether you are on a sports team or not you can still experience the games. Friday Night Football games are a school favorite and all your peers gather to cheer on your school's favorite sports team.

4. Friends

Throughout High School you will create life long best friends that will or will not be by your side for the rest of your life. The fact is that if it wasn't for them bringing you ice cream when your boyfriend broke up with you, then you probably wouldn't have been able to get over that douchebag.

5. Snow Days

Snow days don't happen in the real world so just be thankful.

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