The Five Reasons I LOVE Christmas
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The Five Reasons I LOVE Christmas

My favorite holiday

The Five Reasons I LOVE Christmas

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. It caps off my favorite succession of months that bring about some of the best memories I ever had. My family has always been a big Christmas family and I would not want it any other way. I decided, in a mildly cliche yet festive spirit, I would write the five things that really make the Christmas season special to me.

1. Warm Drinks

I love the assortment of warm, flavorful drinks that come along with Christmas. Always served in my favorite assortment of gaudy Christmas mugs is a cup full of cocoa, cider or seasonal coffees and teas. It evokes a really cozy and happy feeling and I really love how just a drink can put me in such a good mood.

2. Sweaters

What is Christmas without sweaters? Ugly sweaters aside, nothing is more lovely than wearing a muted red sweater and jeans, sitting next to your Christmas tree and enjoying the holiday season. There is always an assortment of Christmas and winter themed sweaters and I love how comfortable and chic they look, especially for the Christmas season.

3. Dim Lighting

Nothing is more invited than getting rid of that overhead, fluorescent lighting and substituting them for some string lights that bring the mood to the season. Save money on your electricity bill and enjoy reading some Robert Frost with only some string lights to brighten your way.

4. Reflection

One of the more figurative things I enjoy about the Christmas season is the time of reflection it brings. With the year closing in at this time, people take time to look back on the past year and realize how much they've grown and experienced. I've always felt that the act of gift giving at this time allows for us to reflect on those around us more appropriately and with a tangible symbol to remind us of them. This is by far one of the more poignant aspects of the season for me.

5. Music

I love Christmas music. I love that even though it all fits under one sort of niche, how each aspect of musical diversity can add to the repertoire of Christmas music. I love how you can feel subtle and subdued through Christmas music, but also find some that makes you want to get rowdy and dance. There is nothing that gets me in the Christmas mood like music and I hope that never changes.

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