5 Reasons We Are Way Too Excited For Packers Football
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5 Reasons We Are Way Too Excited For Packers Football

Could this be "our year"?

5 Reasons We Are Way Too Excited For Packers Football

Although training camp just got underway this past week, Packer fans from the great state of Wisconsin and all around the world are chomping at the bit to get back to football season. I’m not saying that folks don’t believe that the Brew Crew can make it to October, but we’ve learned to not get our hopes up with the Brewers. With that being said, the NFL season is just around the corner with preseason games starting in early August. While there’s not much to get excited about as far as preseason football goes, it is fun to watch position battles and to keep tabs on undrafted guys you are rooting for to make the 53-man roster. Before the season officially starts on September 10th against the Seahawks, here are five reasons to get excited about Green Bay Packers football.

1. Endless Receiver Options.

A healthy Packers offense is a pretty scary one to go up against, but the keyword there was “healthy”. It always seems to be the thing that holds the Packers back, but with recent injuries the past few seasons, the Packers have really gotten to see where their depth lies as far as receivers go. Nelson and Adams are likely to draw a lot of attention on the outside, which will give Cobb some room in the slot to work. Those three guys alone are enough to give the opposing defense some trouble, but now throw monster tight end, Martellus Bennett into the mix and you’ve got a dominant force with Aaron Rodgers calling the shots. I know what you’re thinking, Adams draw a lot of attention? He drops everything! Easy. I think he’s a much-improved player as his pass catching abilities have improved over the years and he is a big target that is able to stretch the field for this high powered Packers offense.

2. Running Back Position Battle.

With Eddie Lacy now sipping on Starbucks in Seattle, the Packers backfield is going to look a little different this year. Yes, last year we did see Ty Montgomery line up in the backfield, but we thought the position move was only temporary. Now, he’s accepted the role as his own. He’s still rocking the #88 jersey, which you have to respect him for. Look for him to not only line up as a running back but also as a receiver from time to time. While it is likely that Montgomery will receive a bulk of the Packers carries, the position battle for who is next in line will be an interesting thing to follow this preseason. The Packers went ahead and drafted three running backs this year in the draft (Williams, Jones, Mays). Three rookie running backs all trying to make their mark and make the team. Also, Ted Thompson has been known to bring in guys off of the street and have them compete for jobs as well. Montgomery seems to be a lock as a back, it’ll be fun to see how this whole thing shakes out.

3. Improved Defense?

As many Packers fans will note, the defense seems to be the Packers weakness over the years. Many fans will even go on to say that is the reason why Rodgers and the Packers don’t have more rings. Their argument may carry some weight with it. The Packers defense was ranked 22nd last year and was the worst defense among the teams in the NFC North Division. They allowed on average 270 yards per passing a game and gave up an average of roughly 95 yards on the ground each game. I’m not going to lie, the Packers were pretty banged up on defense last year and it was amazing that they didn’t finish worse than 22nd. I’m not here to make excuses for them, but honestly, Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers didn’t have much to work with. The Packers defense will gladly welcome the rookie additions in their secondary (King, Jones) as well as additions to their front line (Adams) and their linebacking core. With Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix becoming an elite ball hawking safety in the NFL and a leader on this defense, it will be fun to watch this young defense blossom this season.

4. No Olivia Munn.

Enough said.

5. Sundays with Packers football are back. (Yes, along with the annoying Ford commercials, sadly. You know the ones I am talking about.)

Yes! Time to once again devote a day to watching football, doing laundry, and eating like the King or Queen that you are. Time spent with family and friends whether you are at home or at the bar is time well spent when it comes to Packers football. Toss some burgers and brats on the grill, throw on your Packers gear, chill a few cold ones (soda or beer, I won’t judge) and come together once again to cheer on the green and gold! Packer Backers, it’s going to be a fun ride.

How do you think the Packers will do? Is there anything that I missed? If all else fails, remember to just, "R-E-L-A-X."

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