Five Beautiful Towns in Western Germany
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Five Beautiful Towns in Western Germany

While famous tourist sites, like the cities of Munich and Berlin receive lots of attention, these idyllic and charming little towns in the western part of the country are gorgeous and well worth a visit!

Five Beautiful Towns in Western Germany
J Scott

These five lovely towns are five reasons to visit beautiful Germany!

Idar Oberstein

J Scott

This quaint and unique little town is like a page out of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Not only does this town have a church in a mountain, but it also has an actual gemstone mine that you can tour! The church, called the Felsenkirche, which translates into the "church of the rock", is actually open to visitors, so you can go inside and tour it! There is a set of stone steps that leads up the mountain, as well as a tunnel. It is well worth the hike and the view on the way up is fantastic. Also on the mountain is a fort that is worth checking out. After your hike up the mountain, stop down in the village for some ice cream. Germany is famous for its unique ice cream creations, like spaghetti ice cream and the town of Idar Oberstein doesn't disappoint! Sit outside at a cafe, enjoy the views, and savor some delicious ice cream. When my sister and I went we ate ice cream designed to look like Pinocchio!


J Scott

This town is among the most picturesque. Nestled in the Saar River valley, Saarburg has a lovely waterfall, an old mill, riverside promenade, and its own castle. This town also has plenty of little shops to stop into as you make your way down the cobblestone streets, as well as some churches with some pretty stained-glass windows. You can take a hike up the hillside and visit the castle, Burg Saarburg, where you can even climb up the tower. I did this and the view was gorgeous.



This town is where one of the most famous household names for home decor began- Villeroy and Boch. Villeroy and Boch has been around since the 1700s and is headquartered in Mettlach. Its shops are worth a visit just to see some exquisite pieces. If you're a fan of Christmas, they make some of the prettiest and most elegant decorations that you can purchase at the outlet stores here. The city is also along the Saar River, and you can see the dramatic big bend in the river nearby. It is worth a walk through the streets where you can admire the old buildings and peaceful surroundings.


Meghan Scott

This town is one of my favorites and that is because it has a gorgeous castle up on a hill that is fully furnished with historically accurate, as well as some original pieces. You can tour this castle and I would highly recommend it. The experience is truly like something out of a fairytale. You can even see Baroque paintings and take your picture alongside coats of armor. Cochem is situated alongside the Mosel River, and since the village is mostly elevated on hills, there are plenty of spots in the town where you can admire the river beneath. We went to a gorgeous two-level cafe, that had a bakery downstairs and an upstairs eating area with a view of the river and valley below. Vineyards cover the hillsides nearby. Walking through the streets of the medieval town is like walking into a time centuries ago. This is one of my favorite places I have ever been to in Germany.


J Scott

Another town, another castle. Like the other towns, Bernkastel's crown jewel, its castle ruins, are situated on top of a hill. We had a picnic on a grassy area alongside the river with a view of the ruins above. The town is absolutely worth taking a long stroll through, exploring the different shops and restaurants. This town is medieval as well, and is extremely well preserved. The great thing about Germany is there are tons of buildings, literally hundreds of years old, that are still standing in great condition, often serving as a home, restaurant, museum, or store. We also took a river cruise on an indoor boat, tour, taking us down along the Mosel, which was very enjoyable, as it showed views of the gorgeous rolling hills and little villages nestled into them. The Mosel region of Germany is famed for its wine, particularly white wine, so if you enjoy a glass of wine, try a glass of what this region has to offer!

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