The first week of the first semester ( for Freshman especially) was jam-packed with every day feeling new, unique, and a bit confusing. Every class was in a building you had probably never been in before, you barely knew anyone, and you were working on forming your routine. The second semester feels so much different, You are familiar with the buildings and campus. You have your friends and your routine. In some ways, it is like nothing changed, but it is still different.

1. The mixed emotions at the end of Christmas break 

At this point, you have had anywhere from 3 - 6 weeks at home with your family and hometown friends. You are starting to miss your college friends and the places around your college. At the same time, the longer you spend at home, the harder it feels to leave. You slipped so easily back into the family, into going to all the same paces with your friends, it's hard to leave that again. You are so sad to leave everyone again but part of you misses what you have at college.

2.  The random burst of motivation 

Usually, the day before the second semester starts you start to get a little confidence and feel ready to tackle this new semester. Maybe you forgot all the late night studying or exam stress breakdowns. Maybe you promised that this would be the semester of no more procrastination. Whatever you told yourself, you and ready to take on semester 2, and the world.

3. The surprise of slipping into the routine 

Last semester felt so new, and you built a routine of people and places. All of sudden, even though it is a new semester with new classes, you find yourself at the same places for meals you were last semester with the same people you saw last semester. Its comforting in a way, to have your routine and feel secure in it. Although it does make it feel like you have been back at school forever.

4. Jealousy of other school's syllabus week

While your feed is full of your friends going out and relaxing with friends your professors are actually giving out assignments and assigning test dates. You feel like it's mid semester but it's only the first week. The comfort of your friends and your routine helps relax you though and while you realize this semester might be hard af, you gain a sense of determination.

5. Realizing you're happy

Despite the weird feelings that come with coming back to school, you look around at your friends and see all the people that care about you. You get back into the clubs and activities you love devoting your time to. You cherish the little moments with your friends and you look around and realize that you are happy here - and you wouldn't change it.