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I Got My Self-Care On And Visited A Spa For The First Time, Now I'm Obsessed

Instagram. Was. Quaking.

Rana Abdelfatah

Prior to this experience, I had never been to a spa. I just found them to be a waste of time and money. But from 2018 into 2019, the whole self-care concept has really blown up and it was the last week of winter break before school started, so I said what the heck. I didn't want any plain old local spa because when I do things, I do them to the max. So my best friend, Nikki, found this place just seven minutes outside of Manhattan called SoJo Spa Club, located in Edgewater, New Jersey.

From the very second I walked in I felt serene.

The man who greeted us upon arrival had a soothing jazzy voice and treated us with nothing but respect. It's a barefoot facility with heated floors, so we had to store our shoes in lockers, then proceed to another locker room. Again we were greeted in the second locker room by a friendly woman who handed us robes and towels. We had these bracelets that gave us access to both our lockers, and also acted as a credit card because it would be annoying to carry your wallet around all day.

The facility is a total of eight floors!

In our robes and bare feet, we began on the fourth floor. This floor not only contained the locker room, but it had a heated hydrotherapy pool to massage muscles, a carbon-rich bath to increase blood oxygen levels and promote circulation, a Japanese silk bath known to nourish skin and increase elasticity, Hinoki bath that has naturally occurring Hinoki thiol oil that calms the body, and finally the foot massage path for a foot reflexology massage.

Can you believe this is all on one floor?

We took advantage of these different benefits and went hopping in and out of the tubs.

Venturing to the fifth floor, we were greeted with a whole bunch of massage chairs in a section with a sign stating, "Quiet Please." It wasn't very long before Nikki passed out, but we had the rest of the fifth floor to explore. Countless saunas and therapy rooms to our availability. When you hear the variety, you're going to want to go book for yourself. We began in The Far-Infrared Sauna, then in no specific order, The Red Clay Sauna, The White Clay Sauna, The Himalayan Salt Sauna, The Charcoal Sauna, The Ice Room, The Halotherapy Room, and The Ganbanyoku Room. All set at different temperatures, by the time you're done on this floor your pores are wide open and as clean as can be.

Without hesitation, we continued to the sixth floor. There you can find the food court containing all organic and locally sourced foods. I tried this detox drink containing an ingredient called "Blue Majik" which is known for its high amounts of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. But on this floor, the only thing that caught my attention was the room entitled "Volcanic Sand Bath." It was an additional $20, but how many times in your life are you going to experience such a thing?

We were handed Japanese robes and in no time there was a man dumping shovels full of hot sand over our bodies. It was quite the experience. Lots of sweating and detoxification went on during our session. Although, if you have sensitive skin, you may develop a rash or reaction to the heat. Prior to your session, you must sign a waiver so that you take responsibility for any outcomes.

The seventh floor contained the main attraction: the infinity pool overlooking the New York City skyline.

The pool was heated which was nice, considering it was 38 degrees outside. We went for a dip around sunset which was absolutely breathtaking, and then again when it got dark so that we could truly soak in the skyline. This was my favorite part of coming here, no doubt. As for the eighth floor, we didn't go because I believe it was closed for winter, but there's a rooftop garden as well. After winding down, Nikki ended up getting a massage and I opted for a manicure. Just a heads up that both these services will be charged on your bracelet in addition to the entry fee!

Overall, I say 15/10. Instagram. Was. Quaking. Definitely worth the money, and it made me feel like a brand new human.

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