Dear roommate,

Where do I even begin with this year? I guess I could start by saying I love you. I am grateful to have built such an incredible friendship with you. Thank god I picked you to be my roommate because there is no one out there that could have topped you. I ask myself all the time how the heck do you deal with my goofy, constantly snacking, annoying self but somehow you do. I could thank you a million times, but I think that would be a bit extreme so, here are a few.

Thank you for being my first friend.

College was intimidating but what I was the most nervous for was meeting you for the first time. I still can remember how awkward I was but look where we are now. I am so lucky to have made a friend that was you right off the bat.

Thank you for the late-night dance parties.

It did not matter if it was a weekday or the weekend, you knew how to let loose. I will always remember cranking up the tunes and dancing away to the beat in our tiny dorm room. I definitely will not forget the songs we sang to but did not know a single word to. I may have to call you up next year if my roomies cannot get down like you.

Thank you for being you.

I do not know anyone that is better at winging it than you do. Keep it up because it seems to work for you. All the times you listened to me when I needed it the most meant the world to me. You are the best at having my back because whenever I was struggling you seemed to always lend a helping hand and pick me up.

Thank you for the endless polaroid pictures.

I loved getting all dolled up with you and ending it with a picture-perfect polaroid. Sometimes the selfies only included me, and others were downright bad but, in the end, we always got the best one to hang on the wall.

Thank you for the Chick-fil-a runs and other food cravings.

Let's be real we probably have spent a little too much on JoyRun but who's counting. It was shocking to hear you were not a big fan of Chick-fil-a, but you did come around so luckily, we got to share the same love in fast-food.

Thank you for the expulsive shopping moments.

Every time one of us was shopping online we influenced the other. Pretty bad for our credit cards but retail therapy is good for our hearts.

Thank you for all the Snapchat memories I can look back on with you.

The amount of Snapchat photos and videos I have saved is insane. Sometimes I ask myself did this really happen and then it hits me it did. They will for sure make me laugh till I cry or put a smirk on my face someday.

Thank you for the random rants and conversations.

At the randomness times, we ranted about things we agreed on and I loved that connection. There are times when I had an 8 a.m. yet I was still having a conversation with you about who knows what.

Last but not least thank you for making an impact on my life and for the memories that will last a lifetime. Just keep being you and do not let anyone get in the way of that. I cannot wait to cherish these last few days with you and to create more memories in the next three years.