I Went To My First Protest And Damn, It Was Powerful
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I Went To My First Protest And Damn, It Was Powerful

Inspired is the only word to describe my experience.

I Went To My First Protest And Damn, It Was Powerful
Maya Francis

The past three weeks, I was on the most wonderful trip to London, Paris, and Spain. During these three weeks, I was immersed in different cultures, each with their own rich history and friendly people. Despite the differences between each country, I was able to spot one similarity: the people of these countries all despise Donald Trump.

Now, my readers know that I am not shy about my hatred towards Trump. I am only one of the millions of people who despise him for how he is taking charge of America and I know now that people all around the world, not just Americans, hate the way he is too.

While I was in London, Trump came to England to meet the Queen and Prime Minister. Of course, once the British found out that he was coming to England, thousands took to the streets in order to protest. I was fortunate enough to take part in this protest. Funnily enough, even though I hate Trump so much, I have never been to a protest in America. It was SO amazing and inspiring to see so many people come together and just spread love.

There were no words of hate, only words of love. Posters and signs were asking Trump to change his policies and the way he is running America. It was really powerful. I felt so happy that so many people shared the same ideals and that we all gathered in one place.

One of the most powerful aspects of the protest was that there was a wall next to Trafalgar Square that had "Dear Mr. Trump…" written on it. On the wall were thousands of notes and pictures, all addressed to Trump. It was so inspiring to see what people had written and the wishes that they had for America even though they weren't even American.

I am so lucky and proud to be one of the many protestors that stormed the streets of London that day. Now, it's time for me to attend a protest in America.

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