We're all guilty of it. Never having "enough time" to take some time out of our busy schedules to simply do nothing. I understand. It's not the easiest thing in the world to do; to set aside time for the sole purpose of taking care of ourselves. We always feel like there's something more that we need to be doing, someone else that needs us, another chore to check off the list that can't wait 30 more minutes. We make these excuses so often that we don't even realize the harm that we are doing to ourselves in the process. While it's great to get things done and to help other people, we must find a balance that works to benefit us in the long-run. Believe it or not, working yourself until you just fall into bed at the end of the day is NOT healthy. And, if we aren't taking time to figure out what we need, to relax, and to do some digging within ourselves about what is really important, then how is it even possible to make sure we're truly enjoying what we are putting our time into every day? The answer is: you won't.

So, how do we find this "balance" in our lives? It seems to be much easier said than done. Something that all of us want, but something that always seems just out of reach. However, I strongly believe that you can find this balance if you make a point to plan time for yourself. My way of doing this has always been to utilize a planner. I schedule in all of the things that I have to do for the week and make a point to write in some "me time" a couple times a week. I know you may be wondering, "How is this going to make any difference at all?"

But, I promise you, it does. Just watching an episode of your favorite show on Netflix, reading 10 pages from a book, going on a run, drinking a cup of coffee on your porch, or something as simple as taking a nap, makes all the difference. I promise you that "finding that balance" is much easier when you can take 5 seconds out of the day to reconnect with yourself.

Lauren Trimble

I encourage you to do some sort of reflection at the end of every day, as well. One way that I do this, is to journal. It doesn't take too long to jot down how you're feeling that day. What made you happy? What excited you? What did you do today that tomorrow's self will thank you for? Simple things such as doing this give you a chance to ask yourself how you're doing. Not only can you journal, but you can even have someone that you do something like this with. A friend that holds you accountable for checking in with yourself, and you do the same thing for them every day. As crazy as our lives are, we truly can do things every day to balance the busyness with the just being human. I know that you can find this balance, and I challenge you to make the time for yourself. You won't regret it!