8 Ways To Get Out Of Your Mid-Semester Slump Alive

It's October, which means halloween parties, cute fall dates and pumpkin spice everything. October also brings the mid-semester funk for college students. It's the time of year that everyone is behind on their assignments, most people have the flu and you hear at least a dozen people say they're going to drop out every week. In these trying times, everyone could you a little guidance on how to make it through the last two months of the semester.

Re-evaluate your planner


Take a look at the remaining assignments and plan out times to work on them. Try to be as detailed as possible in your planner to keep yourself on track.

Make time for yourself


In the hustle and bustle of the semester, its easy to lose yourself in school and work. Take a Saturday to focus on yourself.

Fix your sleep schedule


Your mental and physical health are more important than an assignment. Being well rested will help you get through your classes and actually retain some of the professor's lecture (maybe).

Sweat it out


Working out has always such a huge stress reliever for me. You don't have to kill your body in the gym, but taking a Zumba or yoga class once a week could help you relax during midterms.

Stop living off ramen and coffee


Once again, your health is too important to sacrifice for school. Once reason you are in a slump might be because of your diet. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and add fruit and veggies into your meals.

Clean up 


When I get stressed, I let my apartment get filthy, which makes me even more stressed. Try setting aside sometime each week to clean up your house or dorm. Plus, doing dishes is honestly such a huge stress reliever.

Make time for your friends


It's so easy to go weeks without hanging out with even your best friends when you're so busy. Most college students go to class during the day and work at night. Share your schedule with your friends and ask for theirs to make sure you don't miss out on quality BFF time.

Talk to your professors


Don't be afraid to ask your professors for help. Nine out of ten times, they are more than willing to help you succeed in their class.

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