Love. Such a small word but takes part as one of the most important aspects of our lives.

At 5 years old, you cannot grasp the concept of what love really is. You hear the word being used every time your parents say "I love you" to each other, but you still do not understand how significant this word is. Everything and everyone you come in contact with becoming something that you think you love. You're too young to realize that the little word love is actually a feeling you get. It is the best feeling.

At 7 years old, you tell your dad that he is the only boy that you will ever love. He becomes your "Prince Charming" and promises to never let anything or anyone hurt you. This is what love feels like for you. You believe that no one will ever be able to replace him because he tells you all the time that he isn't going anywhere. It is the best feeling.

At 13 years old, you are no longer afraid to talk to boys. Your dad is still the only boy that you really love, but you begin to take notice of the different kinds of boys in your class. Your friends no longer just want to hang out with you and the girls all the time, but now they want the boys to be invited. This is when you got to hold hands with the boy you thought was cute. It is the best feeling.

At 16 years old, it feels as if boys are the only important thing in life. You are still searching for that feeling of love but you don't even know what you are looking for. Instead of hearing your parents say "I love you," you start to hear your friends saying it to their boyfriends. You get asked on a date with the boy you have always liked and begin to think you have found your true love. It is the best feeling.

At 19 years old, you begin to reserve your feelings and trust more towards people because you know what you want. Now, your dad becomes the person you look up to and look for in a man. The moment you least expect it, you find a man that has all the qualities and characteristics you have been searching for. You think about this person 24/7 and begin to think of your future together. You realized that you finally found the feeling of love and want to hold onto it forever. It is the best feeling.

Now, take a step back. You look through these years and realized that you always thought you had that best feeling.

As time passes by, we go through these moments we never want to end, but they must end in order for us to actually experience the best feeling possible. Heartbreak is the worst feeling one can go through, but we must remember that our "Prince Charming" is still out there looking for us, and the pain we feel right now won't even be comparable to how we will feel when this day arrives.