Find What Kind Of Exercise You Enjoy, And Then Do It Regularly
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Find What Kind Of Exercise You Enjoy, And Then Do It Regularly

The common hatred towards exercise does not have to be the case for you, or for anyone.

Find What Kind Of Exercise You Enjoy, And Then Do It Regularly

I kind of get why a lot of people do not like exercise. It can make you really sweaty, it often physically hurts, and sometimes the idea of staying stationary just sounds so much better. The aversion to regular exercise can be especially pertinent among us college students who dedicate so much time to classes, clubs, and internships that whatever free time we do have seems better spent relaxing.

Exercise though can actually be really fun!

Over many years, I have come to really love exercise. The benefits I have gained from regular exercise are practically endless. Exercise allows me to release excitement and tension in a positive way, adds more structure and discipline to my life, and helps me to appreciate my body because yes, exercise does tone my body, but also because it shows me all the cool things my body can do.

However, I do not want to preach exercise because every decently-informed person in America more than likely knows exercise is good for you. I would, rather, like to encourage students like myself with busy, tiring schedules to find both the time and motivation to exercise.

Perhaps a common, even clichéd, opinion, but I am definitely of the belief consistent exercise comes from finding the kind of routine you enjoy. Hopefully, you find a workout you enjoy so much it actually feels like a break from the rest of your life as opposed to an additional responsibility.

I am confident I would not have been able to keep up a relatively consistent workout routine through my college years had I not enjoyed the kinds of workouts I was doing. Sure, I have many days where I really have to push myself to commit to a workout and sometimes the motivation simply isn’t there. Overall, however, I really do have fun with my exercise routine. I love the way my muscles burn when I do my bodyweight exercises and running has grown into a serious passion of mine.

Also important in this I think is finding a schedule you can enjoy. For example, if there is one day a week so hectic the thought of working out, no matter how fun the workout, fills you with dread, maybe just plan on resting. For me, there have been many times I have forced myself to exercise in the morning because it seems like the more disciplined thing to do.

Yet, I have found I like working out in the afternoons better when I have some food in my system and significantly more energy. Thus, I usually try to schedule my workouts in the afternoon.

Obviously, what makes for an “enjoyable” workout varies among people. I can certainly understand how my rather vanilla routine of bodyweight training and running could be unappealing to some people. Some people enjoy exercise in the form of sports, regardless of the level.

Others attend the gym and love to make use of its many amenities. I know a few of my roommates like attending workout-dance classes like Zumba.

Of course, some workouts will be more effective than others. However, in order to reap the benefits of regular exercise, your workout should be an enjoyable, positive addition to your day and to your life!

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