Find Your Awesome Today: A New Empowering Company

Find Your Awesome Today: A New Empowering Company

This is one of the best things to come out of Columbia, Tennessee in a long time.

“The mission behind Find Your Awesome Today LLC is to empower people, especially young girls and women of all ages, to take control of what surrounds them.” Find Your Awesome Today! is nothing short of phenomenal; it is a retail company based in middle Tennessee that provides clothing featuring the image of a confident woman winking. Founder, Tori Weiss of Columbia, Tennessee, has been working constantly to spread the positive message to those around her and help people to find their “awesome” no matter the circumstance.

Tori first got the idea for Find Your Awesome Today! while going through physical therapy. She had ruptured her bicep doing an exercise she had performed perfectly many times before. While the menial tasks of PT were frustrating in the beginning, her incredible determination and positivity helped her to turn it around. She explains, “Something very important I realized during this period of time was that my "awesome" will be very different from day to day. Accepting that this is okay has helped me persevere through many challenges.” She calls it a “humbling experience” and her inspiring story is already helping people to find their awesome.

Today she is “making the most out of every opportunity…to talk with people about the message behind Find Your Awesome Today!” Tori encourages people to share their experiences and find the courage to take action and make the most of every situation. With the help of her talented niece Erin, Tori has made Find Your Awesome Today! T-shirts with multiple designs. The original features a woman running and winking “as if to say ‘I’ve got this.’” With the t-shirts, Tori’s idea for a company that would help to empower young girls and women blossomed and became real. In today’s world it’s important to instill confidence in youthful America, particularly young girls; Find Your Awesome Today! is doing just that and it has been a tremendous addition to Columbia’s community.

There is a Find Your Awesome Today LLC Facebook Page that encourages people to share their stories about finding their Awesome. Tori also plans to post on the page to reach out to women of all ages, especially those that may need a nudge to take action and find their Awesome. She encourages people to support the Find Your Awesome Today! message by paying attention to what surrounds them. “If you are a student who notices a classmate who eats lunch alone or sits in the back of the room by them self or you work in an office and have a co-worker who seems to be struggling please try to have a conversation and make a connection with that person so they will not feel alone,” she says, “There are many ways to share the Find Your Awesome Today! message with others. As Ellen DeGeneres says at the close of every show, ‘be kind to one another.’” Helping those around you to find their Awesome can help you find yours as well.

To learn more about Tori and Find Your Awesome Today! you can visit the website, as well as liking the Facebook page and sharing it with your community.

“Allow yourself to Find Your Awesome Today! and Live, Laugh, and Love Yourself!”

Cover Image Credit: Find Your Awesome Today!

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Cover Image Credit: Erin Kron

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