18 Dogs Of Instagram That Make The Hell Of Finals Week Cute, Somehow

18 Dogs Of Instagram That Make The Hell Of Finals Week Cute, Somehow

When the going gets "ruff," we're all one in the same.

It's that time of year again. The time when college students are pulling consecutive all-nighters, having public emotional breakdowns every three minutes, and are functioning entirely on coffee and Red Bull. But don't worry, you are not alone in this struggle! Everyone's favorite dog Instagram account @dogsofinstagram is here to show you that when the going gets "ruff" with the stress, frustration, and exhaustion of finals week, we're all one in the same.

1. How you look in class all semester

2. How you look when you realize finals are next week

3. Lying in bed being crushed by the weight of all the work you have to do and having no clue where to begin

4. What you should be doing

5. What you're actually doing

6. Thinking of all the wrong choices you made in your life that caused you to end up where you are now

7. Trying to bribe your professors to give you a good grade like

8. Emotionally preparing to learn four months of material in four days

9. How you look less than an hour after moving yourself into the library

10. How other people look at you in the library if you do so much as type too loudly

11. "How are finals going?"

13. Dreaming of being being on a tropical island away from all human contact and being completely devoid of responsibility

14. Waking up the morning of your final after getting a total of two hours of sleep

15. How you feel before your final

16. How you feel when you get your final in front of you and realize you know nothing

17. How you look when all your finals are over with

18. Packing up and getting yourself as far away from campus as possible like

You are not alone, my friend. Take a deep breath, work hard, and I'm sure you will do paw-some!

Cover Image Credit: dean_the_basset / Twitter

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Getting Straight A's In College Is Not Worth Failing Your Mental Health

A's are nice, but you are more than a letter.


The idea of getting an A on every paper, every exam, every assignment, seems great. It can be known as a reassurance of our hard work and dedication to our 4+ classes we attend every single day.

Losing sleep, skipping meals, forgetting to drink water, skipping out on time with friends and family; these are the things that can occur when your letter of an A is what you are living for.

You are worth more than the grade letter, or the GPA number on your transcript.

Listen, don't get me wrong, getting A's and B's definitely is something to feel accomplished for. It is the approval that you did it, you completed your class, and your hard work paid off.

But honey, get some sleep.

Don't lose yourself, don't forget who you are. Grades are important, but the true measurement of self-worth and accomplishment is that you tried your best.

Trying your best, and working hard for your goals is something that is A-worthy.

Reserve time for yourself, for your sanity, your health, your mental health.

At the end of the day, grades might look nice on a piece of paper, but who you are and how you represent yourself can be even more honorable.


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Martha McSally Could Still End Up In The Senate

Yep, you read that right. Martha McSally, who lost the senate race a month ago, could still end up in the U.S. Senate next to her former opponent, Kyrsten Sinema.


Martha McSally was the Republican nominee for Senate during the 2018 midterms in Arizona. She lost to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema by roughly 55,900 votes. But many are speculating that McSally could still end up representing Arizona in the U.S. Senate. Jon Kyl, who was tapped to replace former Senator John McCain after his death said he will not stay in the Senate after this session ends. McCain's term doesn't end until 2022, but Kyl has remained adamant that he will not serve past this year. This leads to the question of who will replace him next year. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has the power to appoint Kyl's replacement if he decides to leave at the end of this session. Several think McSally will be the name he chooses. McSally would have a tough road ahead. It could be easier for her to win elections because she would be considered the incumbent.

State law requires that the Governor appoint someone of the same political party as the late senator. That would mean a Republican would have to be appointed, causing speculation that McSally would be that person. If appointed, she would have a tough road ahead of her. There would be a special election in 2020 to fill McCain's term, and then another election in 2022 to start a new term. All of this comes just weeks after Sinema defeated her in the Senate election. Most think that McSally is the front-runner for the seat.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is lobbying hard to get her in the Senate. Other possible situations could arise such as Governor Ducey appointing himself to fill the seat. This one seems unlikely, however, considering if he does appoint himself, the next person to take the governorship would be Secretary of State-elect, Katie Hobbs, who is a Democrat. McSally is the strong front-runner for the seat and could end up next to her former opponent. We'll have to see how it plays out in the end, and we will certainly know who will or will not be filling this seat within the next few weeks.

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