10 Tips and Memes To Get You Through Finals

Finals week is almost over, and you can do this! One final push before break is here and you can do all the things you have been day dreaming about. Here are 10 tips for surviving the rest of the week, accompanied by 10 fun "finals' memes" to get you through it:

1. Food and Drinks

Do not forget to eat real food and to stay hydrated! I know it is easy to forget, and suddenly the only thing you have eaten/drank in the last 36 hours is Starbucks, energy drinks, and a bag of chips. Don't let that happen. Your body needs nutrients. If it helps, set timers so that you remember to stop and eat/drink something.

2. Sleep


3. Exercise

If going to the gym is something you like to do, you can record yourself saying the information you need and have it playing in your headphones while you work out. If you don't like to exercise, make sure you get up and stretch every once in a while. Maybe walk around your room. Try to make your body less tense.

4. Separate things into manageable tasks

Try not to think about the ten page paper, two unit exams, and the big project you have to do. Break each thing into small parts that you can accomplish easier. The paper turns into introduction, body, and conclusion. For the unit exams break them up into chapters to study. And for the project break it into small steps that you can focus on one at a time.

5. Make to do lists

Be specific about the things you need to do and once you finish an item cross it off the list. It helps you feel like you are accomplishing things and keeps you on task.

6. Use resources

Use what your school offers! Email your teachers, go to the library, and go to tutoring sessions. Also if you are writing a paper some schools have places that will help you edit them. Another thing some schools have are counseling centers, if you feel stressed and need to talk to someone they can help.

7. Have a buddy

Sometimes just texting your friend about your stress can help you feel better because it gives you an outlet for it. Just make sure the friend is okay with a constant stream of profanities mixed with humorous memes.

8. Take breaks

Schedule break times to go online or watch TV. Just make sure to have a timer so you don't suddenly lose half a day. This helps you not get distracted while you are actually studying.

9. Make a study guide

Make yourself a study guide from all of the information the teacher has given you. This helps you stay focused on relevant things and the process of making it is actually helping you learn as well. You can also use things like Quizlet to make flash cards!

10. Don't forget to breathe

It is easy to feel overwhelmed this week. Take deep breaths every now and again. You can do this. Good luck!

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