A STEM Major's Finals Week Meme Edition

As a tech major in a very rigorous program, it's an understatement to say that finals week is stressful. Studying for hours and hours on end is not an option—it's a commitment that all of us wish we knew about when we chose our majors. Whether we are solving physics problems, understanding and applying complex theories, solving long-winded math problems, or programming computers, final exams are always the pinnacle of our semester stress (final project who?). Every time we fill in a bubble on our scantron, we feel as though we are making a life-or-death commitment that could cost us our GPA.

So to make light of this stress, here are 20 memes that perfectly depict finals week in the eyes of a STEM major:

1. When someone suggests getting plenty of sleep before the exam.

2. When you try "studying" but end up just thinking about how much you have to study.

3. When you show up to the final office hours to ask the professor to reexplain every concept that was taught over the course of the semester.

4. When you test your grade to find out that you need a 120% on the final for an A in the class.

5. When you're actually studying.  

6. When you realize it's 4 A.M., you're still studying, and your first exam starts in 4 hours.

7. When you contemplate whether it's too late to drop out of college altogether.  

8. When you think about other majors and how much less stressful they probably are.

9. When you read the first problem.

10. When you can't remember the formula you thought you didn't have to memorize.

11. When the problems become so complicated that you begin to rethink the purpose of life and human existence.

12. When the answer choices are 1, -3, 2, and -4 but you got 28.

13. When you got 'C' for five consecutive questions.

14. When it's the last five minutes of any computer programming exam.

15. When time's up and all 5 of your computer programs still don't work correctly.


16. When the code finally works!

17. When you try to act grateful to a professor that taught you nothing and gave you problems that were 10000x harder than anything you ever did.

18. When you see your exam grade.  'Nuff said.

19. When your parents see your final semester GPA.

20. When you're done with your semester and finally realize you're one step closer to earning a degree and six-figure salary.

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