Finals Week: Disney Edition
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Student Life

Finals Week: Disney Edition

The Most Stressful Time In College

Finals Week: Disney Edition

Finals are probably one of the most stressful time a college student can go through. The whole week and week leading up to is just cringy and stressful and just not fun. But for myself, de-stressing the easiest way would be to watch Disney movies. If you know me, I LOVE Disney movies. So why not explain something terrible with something enjoyable... that has to cancel out the terribleness... right? Eh maybe not cancel it out completely but most of it.

1. The Week Leading to Finals

This week can be the busiest week because it is almost the last day and all of the professors are expecting you to do presentations, projects, papers, test, homework, and quizzes all while you're trying to get your notes together to help you study. Everything is happening at once and your mind goes insane.

2. Last Day of Classes

YAAASsS! It's the last day of classes! No more tests, homeworks, quizzes! But just kidding, this means now it's finals week....more studying, crying, all-nighters, unlimited amounts of coffee, and no social life.

3. Study Days

If your school doesn't have Study Days, it is pretty much the days before finals exactly start. This gives students who have a final on the first a full day to study and get it together. It is a day of review or a day to learn everything from day 1.

4. Walking Into the First Final

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This is it...the first final you have to take. No turning back now. This is your time to shine, just try not to overthink. If you overthink, then you'll think you didn't learn enough or you'll worry about the one thing you didn't study. So you'll keep studying until the last minute and it may take a friend or two to drag you to your final. The first final is the worst final.

5. Taking the Final

You've got this! Time to show the professor that you totally understand the subject. Unfortunately, this happens more ofter than you would like... you open the test, get ready to read the first question and blank. After hours or studying, you blank. But don't worry, just take a minute, calm down if your stressed and breath. The rest of the test will come to you in time. Or it may not and the tears might start rolling down your face but hey, C's get degrees!

6. First Final Completed

That wasn't so bad, was it? Well hopefully. Now you've got one final under your belt and are totally prepared for the rest of them. Take this free time to destress, relax, and give yourself some credit.

7. Studying For the Rest of the Finals

Now after you've calmed down, it hits you... you have more of these to go through. You either start to stress or run to the library to start studying either by yourself or with a group. But by the end of hour 7 of studying, it starts to get a little repetitive... And you get more stressed and then the anxiety kicks in but hey its almost Christmas!

8. Pulling All-Nighters to Study Even More

You start to realize that you aren't going to be able to study EVERYTHING in 16 hours and sleep for 8 hours... what to do? Pull an all-nighter to study everything. There are 24+ hours to study and understand the material if you don't sleep. Besides you can always nap after the exam. Coffee on coffee on coffee.

9. The Amount of Caffeine and Coffee Running Through Your Veins

Have you eaten? Drank any water? Probably nothing other than coffee at this point. You're pretty sure by hour 23 or 24, you lost count a while back, that your could bleed coffee. All that is keeping you awake is the caffeine and coffee and the fact that your heart stopped beating a few hours ago. But at least you know the material.

10. Stressing Over Not Knowing the Information

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After spending 24+ hours learning the material, it's time for the next exam. You go in still shaking from your caffeine high but totally prepared. But then your brain goes into "Overthink" mode and you worry if you truly know the material or if this is the 7th Monster you had last night speaking. You then start to think the worse such as "If I fail this, I have to be a hobo" or "I'll never leave college because I can't pass this final". This is normal. BREATH! IT WILL BE OKAY

11. Last Final... FINALLY

The final final. The last one! You've spent all week studying for the last one. You can feel the holiday break starting. All your bags are packed and as soon as you are done here, you're out! But don't let the thoughts of break cloud your judgment, you still have to do well here. Go into the final confident with yourself and finish strong. YOU GOT THIS.

12. The Day After

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And that is finals week. From beginning to end. All the coffee, stress, breakdowns, and excitement all done. It may feel like a lot but, as everyone says, just do the best you can do and be happy with that. If you give your best, then you know you did as well as you could possibly do. BUT ITS OVER! And it's finally CHRISTMAS!

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