The Pain Of Finals Week: April Ludgate Edition

The Pain Of Finals Week: April Ludgate Edition

The only time to embrace your inner April.

Parks & Recreation

The most dreadful time of year has approached us. It's finals week. An entire week of stress, hunger, sleep deprivation and emotional hell. It's also a perfect time to release our inner April Ludgate, the most negative, anti-social but amazing character from "Parks and Recreation." You'll definitely find yourself feeling just like April when some of these events occur during this excruciating week.

1. When someone tries to come in your room while you're finally studying.

Of course this is the time people want to be social with me! When I actually want to be productive!

2. When you've been studying in your room long enough that you don't realize the sun went down.

Hours studying alone in your room with headphones on goes by quicker than you think.

3. When someone walks by you in the library and you pretend to not be procrastinating.

Nope, I haven't been sitting here for two hours doing nothing while my paper writes itself.

4. When you fall asleep doing homework but don't want to inject another coffee.

It's so hard to manage your sleep schedule during finals week but you want to prove yourself that you're stronger than caffeine.

5. When you take over the group project for yourself so you don't fail because of your partners.

You basically do the entire project and perfect what everyone else needs to do. If only you didn't have to put their names on it.

6. When people ask you what you've been doing in between studying.

Study. Sleep. Repeat.

7. When someone tells you that you can make it through the week, but you've lost all hope.

I can't do five more hours of studying! Stop telling me I can!

8. When you realize you have to go through this stress for three more years.

Finals week is really the only thing to complain about being a college student, so three more years of hell weeks shouldn't be that bad.

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