A Phase-By-Phase Breakdown Of Finals Season, As Told By A College Student
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Student Life

A Phase-By-Phase Breakdown Of Finals Season, As Told By A College Student

If anyone needs me, I'll be crying in the corner.

A Phase-By-Phase Breakdown Of Finals Season, As Told By A College Student

Picture what your worst nightmare looks like. That's a pretty good representation of what finals season is.

1. The calm before the storm


Everything's going fine and I'm not stressed out! I'm relaxed … too relaxed.

2. The deadline avalanche

… And then, once I finally feel at ease, the dates of all the exams and papers and projects I have to do hit me like a ton of bricks. It's almost as if all the professors got together and decided to drop all of these deadlines on us at the same time.

3. Denial

I'll tell myself it's not that bad and that there's nothing to stress over because I'll be able to get everything done. Seriously, it's fine–these exams will not be as hard as they seem and these papers are practically going to write themselves!

4. A sudden (and brief) wave of motivation


I'm feeling positive and ready to get down to business! Let's whip out the textbooks and head to the library because I'm ready.

5. Procrastination sets in

… and all the drive that I had to get all this done just flew out the door. I guess it's time to start a new show!

6. The catch-up game

Of course, since I've been focused on studying and working on papers and projects, I haven't been able to spend any time on the actual homework readings and other mini assignments for my classes. Now it's time to play a little game of catch-up.

7. R.I.P. sleep schedule


Sleep Deprivation? Yeah, I know her all too well. I'm lucky if I get only a couple of hours of shut-eye a night. I'm also starting to think I'm a nocturnal animal.

8. Moving into the library

If anyone needs me, I'll be camped out in a desolate part of the library for the next week and a half. You can send all my mail there and food drop-offs would be greatly appreciated!

9. The Finals Week Breakdown™


Morale is low and sleep deprivation is high. I can feel it coming: the breakdown that comes with the hell that is finals season. Suddenly, I'm hit with an anxiety attack and a strange idea to transform my hair. Don't mind me while I curl up into a little ball and cry my stress away.

10. Living on iced coffee and stale chips from the vending machine

Who has time to go out to get groceries and make actual food? If I have one more sip of caffeine I may bounce all over the walls of the library and pee my pants, simultaneously.

11. Nap along to get along

Any free time I get that I'm not spending on finals-related material–which is (spoiler alert!) barely any time at all–I'm spending napping.

12. Another (mini) breakdown


The last two brain cells I have left are fighting with each other. Give me a quick five-minute break so I can cry underneath my desk and reason with them.

13. Showtime

The time has finally come to put all this hard work to use–this what I've slaved away for!

14. The crash


Before I'm even able to process the fact that I just took an exam or handed in a paper or project I worked dozens of hours, let me fall into a quick coma to gain back some hours of sleep.

15. Sweet relief 

The fact that finals season has come to an end slowly starts to set in–I am finally free.

16. … Realizing you’ll have to relive this in a matter of months


Live, love, college!

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