Ah yes, finals. The weather has just begun to get a little better, summer is getting closer, classes have ended, and we all just want to finish the semester already. It's easy to feel burnt out during this time, but think twice before you stop studying to enter a video hole on Youtube. I encourage you to think back to the beginning of the semester, when you still had energy after the summer and perhaps even looked forward to the new semester. Think about the things you told yourself you wanted to accomplish that semester. Even more so, think about the things that made you want to go to college anyway-- to get a degree, start your career, make connections-- whatever it may be, remember them. It is too easy to forget our goals when we feel like we barely even have enough to get ourselves through the day. In addition, finals may seem like a huge deal now, but in the grand scheme of life, they really aren't. This seems completely contradictory to my point, and this is not to say to minimize the importance of them, but realize that even if you do not perform as well as you wanted, there's value in the fact that you gave it your all. So, my point is to at least give yourself the best chance possible at success by giving it your all in the first place. Think of things that drive you forward, and get to work, that is all.

(This was intentionally short so you can focus on your studies)

Good luck!