Finally Home
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Finally Home

Now that the hype of waiting to get home is over, here are 5 things to do

Finally Home

I chatted with some of my friends from home the recently, and one said he returned home from college three weeks ago, the other said she got back a week and a half ago. Me, I got back about five days ago, so in terms of when I talked to my friends (not when this article is published), my school ended pretty late!

I am so jealous of everyone who has been chilling at home for longer than me -- they get to do all the things I have to catch up on! A lot of my friends say how they are bored at home or want to go back to school right now. Well, I am 100 percent OK with having a long three-month staycation in my hometown where I have minimal responsibilities. My summer job is going to start up soon, though. Don’t worry, my plan of the season isn’t to just sit around -- my bank account is way too empty for me to do that!

1. Sleep.

I, and every student out there, probably need(s) to sleep for a week straight just to catch up on all the sleep we’ve missed throughout the year. Staying up late is pretty natural by now, but by 5 p.m. later in the week when I have a headache, that only adds to the problem of fatigue and being cranky.

2. Beach.

That’s right -- I put beach second, that’s how awesomely important being a beach-goer is!! Forget swimsuits (after my freshman year eating habits, I won’t be wearing one this summer); just go in gym shorts and a T-shirt (I’ve recently fully accepted the gym clothing life) and chill out on a blanket. Whether you go for a walk on the sand, let the water rush over your toes, or just sit on a blanket in a personal oasis, I recommend the beach 10/10 this summer.

3. Friends.

This honestly probably should be first on this list, but due to lack of sleep and weird judgment, at this point in my life it’s third. One of the things I am most excited about this summer is to see as many friends as I can, from college and home. Since I go to a small college in the same state as where I live (CT forever), several of my friends live nearby. I truly believe that friendships make the world go round and I personally can’t wait to take part in my own this summer.

4. Work.

This is a pretty broad topic because for me, I work with kids, and I absolutely love kids. I teach kids how to sail (although this summer part of my day will have an administration portion to it- very serious and adult-ish), and I cherish my time with all the young-ins I come across. But not everybody likes kids, I mean I don’t like animals and that doesn’t make me a bad person. The point is, being productive this summer, amiright? And honestly, padding that bank account as much as I can in preparation for my spending habits once I get back to school.

5. Fitness?

I put in the question mark because depending on who you are, this is a joke -- because it’s summer. But believe it or not, I’ve been to a few workout classes in the short time I’ve been home! I really really need to balance out the amount of ice cream I eat. Also, a free gym isn’t available to me anymore or in as close proximity as the one at school so I’m making moves with every first free class that places provide. Crossfit, here I come!

Now, you may think this is a pretty basic list, but I intentionally made it broad -- everyone should live his or her summer to the fullest in every way possible!

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