A Day At The Park

"Let's go on the roller coaster!" I called out to the group that was walking in sync just a few paces ahead. I jogged to catch up with them and watched one of the girls roll their eyes. I pouted at the rudeness of her as she turned away from me. None of them responded to me and I was about to start bugging them when one of the boys grinned.

"We need to go on the big roller coaster!" the group glanced over at him and all nodded vigorously. My eyes narrowed and I let out a huff. That was totally my idea, he must have been the only one to hear me and wanted to sound like the cool one. I glared at the ground only to notice that there were no feet by mine. I looked up to see the group already headed over to the roller coaster. As I ran toward them, people kept getting in my way. It was quite annoying, in all honesty.

"Excuse me." I had to have said the phrase a million times before I had finally caught up with the group, "Why did you leave me back there?" I was sure my whiny tone would get a response out of them, but again, they had nothing to say to me. How rude is that? I was starting to wonder if these people were even my friends. They'd never treated me like this before. Come to think of it... There did seem to be something off about them...

We waited in line for an hour and all the group did was ignore me. Though, they did give me weird looks. Maybe there was something on my face? Finally, we were able to get on the ride. I climbed into the car with one of the girls and pulled the seat belt over me. My seat belt was different from the rest. Every other seat had a blue seat belt and an orange lap bar that pulled down over them and mine had no blue belt and the lap bar was replaced with thin, yellow belts that crisscrossed over my body, but I didn't care. That had always been my favorite seat. The attendants checked every seat, except for mine, which I found really weird, and the ride began moving. I felt my heart pound against my chest the higher we got up the first hill. My lips slowly curved upwards as the cars jolted down the first hill. I was flying.