To The Feminists Hating On Disney Princesses, Please Just Stop

To The Feminists Hating On Disney Princesses, Please Just Stop

Don't undermine kids, it's a lot worse than watching a Disney movie.


There is so much out there now that people nitpick and tear at and turn nothing into something. Please leave the magical world of Disney alone. If you're not a fan, then you're not a fan, its okay. So, please don't try to destroy the magic of others.

Disney, at least animated Disney, is mainly for children. And trust me, a little toddler is not going to be worrying about selling his or her soul to an evil sea witch. Not sure if you've noticed, but evil sea witches aren't real, or at least we don't see them.

The princesses get a lot of bad rep because of their life choices, but what is failed to be seen are the deeper meanings behind the stories. The focus is what's on the surface instead, like princes kissing sleeping girls. Sure, it's not consensual but you're telling me you'd rather be in a death coma for the rest of eternity than have a man kiss you??

According to these stories, these princes are the love of their life! And they always end up married in the end! Which, by the way, is one hundred percent consensual!

If you'd rather read the original stories to your kids growing up, by all means, do so. However, you will find, Sleeping Beauty gets raped, the Little Mermaid dies, both Snow White and Cinderella murder their step-family, and I could go on. Disney is simply trying to make these folktales, kid-friendly.

Everyone can take a little something from every princess story that Disney has created. And most kids just like watching the movies and singing the songs.

From Snow White, we learn wishes can come true. Always be open to new experiences and new friends. No matter what life throws your way, stay positive and kind. Don't let mirrors/your image run your life. Don't accept food from strangers.

From Cinderella, we learn that hard work pays off. To be patient and kind. Don't waste time. It's always okay to take a night for yourself.

From Aurora, we learn that dreams can come true. To never give up. Never be afraid to explore. As well as, there's nothing odd about being raised by more than one mom.

From Ariel, we learn that one's voice is powerful beyond measure. It takes strength to be a single parent (Especially with seven daughters). Parents can be over-protective sometimes but they always have your best interests at heart. Curiosity can lead to great opportunities. Also, it is what's on the inside that truly counts.

From Belle, we learn to stand up for yourself. Be brave. Be confident. It's okay to be different. Reading rocks! Don't judge a book by its cover. And again, true beauty is what is on the inside. listen to your heart.

From Jasmine, we learn that we are the only ones who can choose our own destiny. Traveling the world can be life-changing. Forgiveness is always a good choice. You can't buy true love. Pride and vanity always cause one's downfall.

From Pocahontas, we learn not to lose hope, something's always waiting just around the river bend. Walk in the footsteps of a stranger and you'll learn things you never knew you never knew. Respect nature and the world around you. Stand up for what you believe in. Grandma's are very wise.

From Mulan, we learn that women are just as strong as men, if not stronger. Family always comes first. Follow your heart. You don't have to be "quiet and demure, graceful, polite, delicate, refined, poised and punctual" you just have to be you. Be adventurous and don't listen to others opinions.

From Tiana, we learn to dare to dream. Hard work pays off, but sometimes we need to take a step back to take care of ourselves. If all you think about is the future, you're going to miss the beauty of everyday life. Also, STAY AWAY from voodoo and dark magic.

From Rapunzel, we learn don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. People who truly love you will not tear you down. It's alright for your dream to change. Express yourself. Be yourself. Don't do be afraid.

From Elsa and Anna, we learn it doesn't take a man to save the day. Love is stronger than hate and fear. Family is important. Embrace what makes you unique. Love chocolate. A sense of humor is an amazing trait. If someone seems too good to be true, there's a possibility they are. Love with all your heart and give warm hugs.

From Moana, we learn to always follow your heart. Nobody is perfect. Nothing can stand in your way when you believe in yourself. Confidence goes a long way. If you know your calling than follow it. With a bit of determination, you can do anything. Look inside for true beauty.

There are so many other Disney princesses I didn't mention who are equally important in teaching young kids so many important morals.

If you're not comfortable with how young the princesses are getting married, just tell your kids that the princesses obviously waited until they were 25 to get married, until your kiddos are old enough to understand that it was the time era. Or if you are 100% against telling little white lies to your kids (good luck) then tell them all about the time era. History lesson!

As far as all the wicked step-mothers, evil queens, and overall evil middle-aged women, trust me, you're their mom, they aren't going to villainize the person who loves them unconditionally and who they love with all their little hearts. It's just not how their minds work, don't undermine your kids, its a lot worse than watching a Disney movie.

So hey, if you're not a Disney person, that's fine, but don't spoil our magic or the kids magic. In the end, that's really what it's all about. Magic.

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I'm A Christian Girl And I'm Not A Feminist, Because God Did Not Intend For Women To Be Equals

It is OK for me to not want to be equivalent with a man.


To start off, I am not writing this to bash feminists or get hate messages. I am simply writing this to state why I do not perceive myself as a feminist.

March is International Women's Month and that is what has got me thinking about how I view myself as a young woman in the 21st century. I enjoy every day getting to soak up the world as a young lady, particularly in the South.

If you know me, then you know that I love and utterly adore Jesus. He is so perfect. He is everything. He is my whole life. Some people might say that I am a "Bible-thumper" or someone who has had too much Kool-aid and maybe I am, but I know who my Creator is and that He died for me, and that is all that matters.

In my young age, I loved to just sit in church with my parents and absorb all that God would deliver. As I have grown up, I have ventured off and joined a church that is different than my parents, so the responsibility falls more on me, but I love that. Since this era of independence began, I have thoroughly enjoyed taking ownership of my faith.

I spend a lot of time chatting with God, worshipping Him in all kinds of ways, and just diving deeper into His Word. Through all of this growth as a Christian, I have learned a lot, but something I have learned is a concept that some may not agree with, which does not surprise me.

I do not believe God meant for women and men to be equal.

There, I acknowledged the elephant in the room.

It is a shocker, I know, but I have some Biblical evidence to back up this belief that I have.

Let us begin in Genesis. God created man and then he created woman. This was two separate occurrences and order is key. He created Adam and then Eve.

Jesus treated women with grace and kindness, do not get me wrong. I mean just look at how He treated the woman at the well, the one who used all of her expensive perfume to cleanse His feet and not to mention His own biological mother! He has a truly unique place in his heart for women, but He also has special intentions for us in the world and in the family setting.

We are to submit to our husbands.

We are to be energetic, strong, and a hard worker.

We are to be busy and helpful to those in need.

We are to be fearless.

All of this is explicitly laid out by God in Proverbs 31.

We are not to be equal to our male counterparts. Jesus does not lay out the Proverbs 31 man, but He rather lays out the Proverbs 31 woman.

A husband or man is to be the head of the household as Christ is to the church.

A man is to love a woman so deeply that represents how he loves himself.

A man is to leave his father and mother.

Women and men are not equal in God's eyes, but they each represent Him in their own ways that the other needs.

If we were all equal, we would not need one another and therefore we would not need God. I am so thankful that we were not created equal. I am so thankful that God is so great that He could not just create only man or woman to represent His image. He is so perfect.

So, you see I am not a feminist, and it is OK.

It is acceptable for me to have this belief that God intended for men to lead women. It is also okay for people to have differing opinions. Writing this was not easy, but I know that not all people agree.

To feminists and those that are not, you are allowed to believe whatever you wish but have evidence to back it up.

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10 Women Who Have Influenced My 18 Years Of Life, Every Day

They have empowered me to be the best woman I can be.


Being a woman today in society can be either challenging or empowering based on the factors presented. Specifically, society has given women challenges and obstacles to over not only in today's society but in the past as well. Women have tackled these forces by empowering one another. As well, the women that we surround ourselves with or allow us to influence us can determine how we not only view life but how we feel about ourselves. In the United States and all over the world there has been a long line of powerful women throughout generations that have personally influenced me and maybe have or may influence you too.

1. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, where do I start?! She has influenced millions of people not only in America but all over the world by being the individual she is and loves to embrace. She is a remarkable, beautiful, confident and empowered woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and loves helping others in many ways — such as telling her own personal life stories and experiences. She has made America envision themselves as a healthier version both mentally and physically. She is a lead advocate for healthy families and high education being provided for those all over the world. As well, she has mainly influenced me by what she has done not only today for America, but what she has done in her past to get where she is now. She focused on her education and herself rather than boys during her younger years and it is truly inspiring to see where she is now.

2. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe showed society that everyone and everything is beautiful. That everybody shape, hair color, and flaws. She made what society considered imperfect and made it into something beautiful — no wonder she was considered a beauty icon. As well, she was able to turn a frown into a smile by always thinking and finding the positive in a situation rather than focusing on the negative. She has influenced me by making me realize the positives in life and that every inch of a person is beautiful in their own way. Forget about societal standards!!

3. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was not afraid to show the world who she was- consisting of a talented and beautiful actress who devoted her free time to helping those in need. She was not only a fashion icon but was someone who showed the world that you can have the best of both worlds by being who you are. She showed compassion to those around her and filled the world with more smiles at the time — demonstrating her influence over the world.

4. Malala Yousafzai

Education should be an automatic right instead of a privilege for not only men but for women all over the world. She has taught me and other fellow women, to take education more seriously and be grateful that we have been given this opportunity to learn while some women and men all over the world would love to have the opportunity I do. They would love the opportunity to go to school and learn about the world. She has gone through so much and truly is an influence to those all over the world as she fights for her cause. She decided to speak up, and so should we.

5. Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is a powerful writer who can convey not only her emotions and message to her readers but a story- a combination of heartbreak and love. She has influenced many generations-future and past, through her writing. She paints vivid pictures in her poems that can teach lessons and evoke empathy from readers. She has taught me to show my emotions and tell my story in any way I can- to not be afraid of what I may say and use my voice through writing.

6. Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres has influenced me in a multitude of ways, specifically how to have a good and fun time in life because you only get one. She has also taught people — including me, through her show to be okay and confident with being yourself and what you stand for. Previously, years ago she came out as a lesbian and her show got canceled — but she did not let that define her, she redefined herself and grew confident with who she is and now is one of the most popular women in America.

7. Margaret Sanger

For those who are unaware of who Margaret Sanger is, she was an activist who fought for women's reproductive and health rights and was the founder of Planned Parenthood. She fought and was dedicated to her cause to fight for women's health rights and reproductive rights. A lot of people — including other women and men, shut her down and even physically silenced her. However, she was a hard-working, passionate, and dedicated women who pursued her ideas, which led to Planned Parenthood. She has influenced me to keep working towards my goals and pursue what I believe in.

8. Susan B. Anthony

If it was not for Susan B. Anthony and the struggles she withstood, women would not be able to vote in America. She not only fought for her generation of women to vote but for future generations of women to vote as well. She gave women a voice in political standings and that we are and always will be equal to men.

We, as women need to continue her fight and continue using the voice she gave us by voting and not only continuing, but also pursuing the fight of women's rights.

9. Oprah Winfrey

Okay...who does not love Oprah??? Please, do tell me. She is stunning in every aspect possible-whether that be through the way she talks, thinks, and walks. She holds pride and confidence in every step she takes in life and donates her fortune to those in need. She has taught women all over the world how to be proud, courageous, passionate, successful, and not accept anything less than what we, women deserve. Her words are truly inspiring and are great to live by without any exception.

10. Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is someone we all learned and read about during our younger school years and more in depth later on. She left a lasting impression on me by being the person she was and the qualities she possessed. She was a strong and hard-working woman who stood up and fought for what she believed was right, no matter the potential consequences. These qualities Rosa Parks held, I hold close to my heart and use in my daily life to describe myself. I choose to be a hardworking and strong woman due to the influence Rosa Parks had over me since such a young age.

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