This one is to all female athletes. Whether you are a ballet dancer or a hockey player, whether you are a female with higher testosterone than normal or not: you are amazing.

It isn't easy to wake up at the crack of dawn every day and work past sunset while juggling the rest of life. You may have a kid, you may be a student-athlete, your sport might just be your entire life, but you still put your heart and soul into your sport. You see female sports icons going out into the world spreading the word of athlete equality, and you (hopefully) feel empowered to show the world that you are powerful too. You are breaking the status quo of athleticism.

Yes, whether you are 5 years old or 75 years old, you are breaking the status quo. Every time you put on your jersey or lace up your shoes, you are proving to yourself and to the world that you belong, and there should not be any question of it. You are the reason why we are important to the sporting world. You don't back down when people tell you to quit or assume that just because you are a female you can't be phenomenal. You take the words of hate from the ones not supporting you and turn it into fuel to perform.

You inspire the next generation of female athletes. You are a living and breathing example of a girl boss. You are the reason we female athletes get up and work hard at what we do. We are passionate, we are tough, and we belong. Most importantly we female athletes are straight-up bada**es. We are female athletes, and we NEVER give up.