Female artists on the rise

After High School, I nearly gave up on rap music. I was being pulled into the hard and fast world of EDM and was only at the foot of the behemoth that is computer music. Rap and hip hop was getting stuffed. The beats and lyrics seem to blur together and the same handful of artists "ran the game" year after year.

But in recent years, a number of new voices have been finding their way to the masses. And for that social media, we thank you. Whether it's due to Soundcloud or Twitter, artists are now more than ever capable of putting their work out there for people to consume.

And I am here for it let me tell you! It's like every five minutes I stumble on somebody new who is absolutely crushing it in their lane. Incomparable and made great strides. It's wonderful how much more we have to appreciate when we're not confined to what's being spewed from the music industry's box. Here's a sample of the few voices that are pulling me back into a genre I almost abandoned.

Rico Nasty

"Since a baby in her tummy, mama knew I was great"

Rico Nasty fierce and fiesta. Rico's lyrics slice through beats lick a whip. Her rhymes are sharp and savage. She's on the rise and the result of years spent grinding and producing music If rap ever needed a punk rock and roll princess she'd be first up for the crown.

Megan Thee Stallion

"Yeah I'm in my bag but I'm in his too, that's why every time you see me I got some new show"

Numerous times in music the story involves women taking a back seat to man or love songs about how they complete each other. Not from a Stallion, it's boss all day and hoodrat all night. Megan is a heavy hitter who's lyrics spark a fire on the beat. Her style reeks of southern flair which comes through from the tight hi-hats and her many shoutouts to Houston, TX.

Tierra Whack

"It's about to get ugly flow so mean I just can't be polite"

I hate comparing women to males but how else could I describe Tiara Whack. Well maybe, whimsical nerds and Mountain Dew (code red). Her style is a mix of Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, and, The Powerpuff Girls. Her songs leave you wanting more, not sure if it's by design but it's why I keep hungry hippo on repeat. Tierra's tracks feature nostalgic beats and lyrics from a new perspective. She lays out stories through simple experiences and oddball references. What results is a stack of fresh tracks to twerk to.


"She's seen this world before this child is wise, never busy but her mind is occupied"

I found on Twitter and she's the voice I never thought I would hear. In this industry, you'd be hard-pressed to find women who are thriving without their bodies being vilified and sexualized for the masses. CHICKA not only calls it out every step of the way but also sheds light on the negative aspects of that trait in society. All in graceful rhymes and lyrics, living your truth through your art is how you showcase its beauty. And CHICKA is a beautiful artist well on the rise.

Doja Cat

"Hair grow long like chia money go long like Nia I am the big idea my twins big like Tia Tamera"

I'll be the first to admit that the first time I heard Doja I wasn't into it, but who was I fooling. Some of my favorite songs I hated on first listen. But it still caught me by surprise when I found myself searching through Spotify for more Doja jams. It's like going to a Carnival in a small town, it's confusing and may not look like a great time at first but eventually, you get your ticket to ride.

Cardi B

"Press, press, press, press murder scene Cardi made a mess"

I need not go on about Cardi again.

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