More Appreciation over Criticism for Cardi B
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The Unappreciation Of Cardi B

Why the night Cardi B made history was not a fluke and how her career advancements and legacy should be left intact

The Unappreciation Of Cardi B

I've been a Cardi B fan since Bodak Yellow. So no, I'm not an OG Bardi Baddie, but… I've been enamored with this woman ever since. I joined tidal just to listen to her mixtapes, and they did not disappoint. Cardi made a name for herself by being different and by different I mean authentic. Her bold and brash attitude is backed up by a hard as nails work ethic. I mean, she said it herself, "made two mixtapes in six months, what b*tch working as hard as me." I'll be the first one to say, well sh*t not me, and probably not you either. Honestly, how many of your dreams are slept on?

Let's be real here, she shot up like a light and has been crushing it ever since. Recording, performing, and birthing on these h*es. Who else is doing that?? Oh yeah, Beyonce! and you know what people have for her? Respect ✊ unbridled and unwavering respect and Cardi deserves the same or at the very least some more appreciation.

She's out here slinging hits and people are like, "ahem, but she's not a good role model" or " hmm she's not really appropriate." What?! She's a rapper, she does the rapper thing and quite well, I might add. Who are you that she has to answer to? Her blatant sexuality is empowering like a sexy G-String. You know the one!

I'll admit that she has been getting her accolades like when Solange proudly stated Cardi was her feminist icon or when Gaga had her back at the Grammys. Where she presented well racking up 7 nominations and besting her peers for best rap album (making history mind you).

Can we appreciate please? But no, she had to deactivate her IG due to all the hate she received claiming she didn't deserve her win or comparing her to Nicki Minaj. It seems people can't get it through their head that it's possible to have more than one female rapper.

Also, as women, can we support each other PLEASE and stop comparing ourselves to each other in the hopes of… Of what?? What do we gain be tearing each other down and pitting us against one another. Who wins? Or more importantly how can you expect others to appreciate your win when it comes?

Cardi dripping gold on polesCardi dripping gold on poles

Cardi dripping gold on poles. Money Music

Also, I simply don't understand why people are concerned that Cardi is not classy or ladylike or whatever. This isn't a cotillion, she's a rapper, and no one's calling out Drake of Lil Wayne for stuff like that. I don't see much outrage calling for Lil Pump to class it up, and he's a child. Also, I genuinely LOVE that she's a former stripper because strippers run the rap game.

I've personally been waiting for one of these girls to claim their spot in the industry and out comes Cardi dripping gold on poles. Support her like you support RGB because she is blazing a trail in an industry where people like her are always left of center. Women like her prove that we can be and are strong, capable individuals who absolutely do not have to live by anyone's rules.

And for that Cardi, we thank you.

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