Remember when I said that Norts and T-shirts were for the gym?

Well, I was wrong. There are a plethora of other outfit combinations that should not deviate from their respected sector. Birkenstocks belong in the trash, basketball shorts are for the gym, and your frat fashion is for socials — not errands to ghetto Kroger.

However, as I began to notice all the fashion "dont's" trudging through campus, I was triggered by the number of dudes who would roll off the bus with gray sweatpants, Adidas slides, and white socks.

Dudes, why do you do this?

Why must you dress as if you have class at 8 a.m and then bool with the boys at 9?

Fellas, your sweatpants are for the frat house, not class. How will anyone take you seriously when the only colors you can match together are light grey and some hideous pastel color? How will you be able to get that generic business or engineering job, when you blend into the sea of black, grey and maroon? Anything less than a button down or three-piece suit is unacceptable.

You, the alpha males on campus, represent who we are a community, and your frat fashion is making the Drillfield look like Center Street in Game Day. I do not judge your awful sense of fashion, nor will I try to "oppress" you by giving my opinion on what you wear, but not to be so sratty.

Let's not let the Norts and formals shirts overtake campus!

Oh, wait...