Fearlessly Moving Forward

I am moving forward. Every single day, every single minute, every single second, I am moving towards the future. The now cannot last forever. Eventually the now becomes the past.

But, as the now becomes the past. As the minutes on the clock tick by, my fear increases. The fear of the future. Where will I be this time next year? What will I be doing with my life? Where will God have me? So many questions, yet no answers. So many unknowns and nothing to comfort me, but a layer of fear that is plastered upon my heart.

I am moving forward, I am looking forward to the future, to the unknown. But, fear sometimes cripples me. It holds me back. It causes me to question my purpose. It causes me to question His purpose for me. Fear runs me ragged.

But, why am I allowing it to be apart of my story? I serve a loving, gracious, merciful, and FEARLESS God. He looks at fear and finds no need for it. He ushers it aside and allows COURAGE to step in. So, with this reassurance, I can move forward. I can look to the future with hope, desire, and courage. Because He is FEARLESS, I am BRAVE.

So, do not look to the future with fear glistening in your eyes. But rather, let courage radiate from you as you eagerly step forward. As the future becomes the now, FEARLESSLY pursue every part of it. Be open, be willing, and be courageous as you live in the present and hope for the future.

Because God is Fearless, I can walk in confidence that when the future arrives, I will welcome it with open arms. He helps me Fearlessly move forward, no longer afraid of what may lay ahead.

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