10 Golfers With The Best Chance To Win The Masters
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10 Golfers To Watch Out For To Win The Masters

I look forward to watching some of my favorite golfers take on Augusta National next month.

10 Golfers To Watch Out For To Win The Masters

We are a little less than a month away from the first major of the season. With the Players Championship two weeks ago as a good measuring stick as to who can be contenders this major season. As we inch closer to our first major of the year, there are some noticeable standouts to watch this season. From the young to the older crowd, any one of these players could walk away with a major champion this season and a Masters winner in a few weeks.

When looking for a major winner this season, look no further than these guys:

1. Dustin Johnson

Sporting News

Dustin Johnson is already a winner for the 2018-19 season. He won the World Golf Championships-Mexico Championships back in February. This guy always has his best stuff come major time. He knows how to save his best stuff for the four weeks that it matters. He currently holds the strike for at least one win in consecutive seasons at 12 seasons. Look for this guy to be a factor at Augusta next month.

2. Justin Thomas

CBS Sports

Although Justin yet to find the win column this season, he still a favorite to win. He could struggle for weeks but show up when it counts. He is usually one of the more consistent players on tour. He has made all 10 cut so far this season (he rarely ever misses the cut), but the last time he was in contention was last month.

3. Rory McIlroy


Rory McIlroy, the winner of the Players Championship two weeks ago. It seems that Rory is finally breaking through the plague that has consumed his golf game lately. No one wants to win the Masters as badly as Rory. He wants to finally complete the career grand slam and this could be the year.

4. Rickie Fowler

USA Today

With Rickie returning to the winner's circle at the Phoenix Open last month, look for him in April at Augusta. This could be Rickie's year to finally become a major winner. His game has been improving over the last month or so. He is making more cuts this season.

5. Jason Day

Golf Digest

We saw the return of the old Jason last season. He had a multi win season with two wins last year. He is showing a little spark this season, although he unfortunately was hurt a few weeks ago at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. This could be the year for this former Player Champion and PGA Champion to become a Masters Champion.

6. Jordan Spieth


Although Jordan has been struggling over the past year, never count out this former Masters Champion, U.S. Open Champion, and Open Champion. He has found something to his game the last few tournaments but has not reap the benefits of it yet. But he seems to find something special to bring to the Masters every year.

7. Justin Rose

CBS Sports

Justin Rose is my favorite Englishman, and a winner so far this season at the Farmers Insurance Open. Justin's game stays consistent. He looks fresh and ready to go headed into the major season.

8. Bryson DeChambeau

Golf Digest

Bryson won at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open back in November. He also won the Omega Dubai Desert Classic by seven strokes in January. With his interesting approach to his golf game, look for him to have a shot at the Masters in April.

9. Xander Schauffele

Golf Week

With two wins on the season, Xander is looking strong for Augusta. Xander is among the young talent that is making a strong mark on the tour. Xander game doesn't seem to have many holes or flaws. Look for him to be a strong contender next month at the Masters.

10. Tiger Woods

Golf Week

You cannot have a list of Masters favorites and not mention this guy. The winner of four Masters and with the new spark in his career, look for the old Tiger next month at Augusta. As long as he starts on Thursday he will have a shot at winning the Masters.

The next couple of weeks will show who is ready for Augusta and who is not. I look forward to watching some of my favorite golfers take on Augusta National next month. The guys on this list have the ability and game to walk home this year's Masters Champion.

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