The Best Emo Songs That Are Still Bops
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The Best Emo Bops From High School

This one is for all the emos out there.

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You know when you're casually listening to music on shuffle and then a song comes on that sends you into a spiral of high school war flashbacks? These are some of those songs. They're still bops though, but only when you're expecting them.

I Miss You- Blink 182

I Miss You is iconic and very good for scream-singing, because the song itself is scream-sung. Speaking of Blink- 182, remember Adam's Song? That's a traumatizing emo song.

Jesus Christ- Brand New 

If you've never listened to Brand New, don't start for two reasons: 1. Every single Brand New song hurts, and 2. You'll join all of the other people in the world who say that Jesus Christ is their emo song.

The Middle- Jimmy Eat World

Honestly, The Middle is a truly great song in my opinion and inspiring rather than upsetting but for it to be inspiring the song has to be about overcoming emo things, I guess? The Middle has a great message and is a great reminder that yes, everything is going to be alright because we're all in "the middle of the ride" of life.

Twin Sized Mattress- The Front Bottoms 

Another great song that evokes so much nostalgia! When I was 16 this song evoked nostalgia even though I didn't have anything to be nostalgic about. This Bop might be worth playing when you have the AUX so you and your friends can scream at the top of your lungs.

Teen Idle- Marina and the Diamonds 

Instead of being 16 burning up a Bible and feeling super super super, suicidal? A mood. I'll admit to being a huge Marina fan now, but I definitely cannot listen to Teen Idle to this day because it takes me back to places that I do not want to revisit.

I'm Not Okay (I Promise) and Famous Last Words- My Chemical Romance 

I'm Not Okay and Famous Last words are, in my opinion, the beginning and the end of emo bops. The represent where emo songs can start at (like, sad) and where they can end up (also sad but kind of uplifting?). Famous Last Words is another song that I like to think about, because I really want to get to that point in life where I fearlessly and fiercely experience every day and live to my fullest.

My Immortal- Evanescence 

We all know Evanescence from Wake Me Up (mostly because its a meme) but in my opinion My Immortal is more important as an emo bop. Lines like "I'm so tired of being here," really solidify that. On a side note, the orchestral arrangements that are found on the alum 'Synthesis' are way better than the original and are more eerie (and therefore semi-goth).

All I Wanted- Paramore

The way Hayley Williams sang this song? Heartbreaking. She really pours her heart out on this song, which everyone can relate to because who hasn't been in a place where all you wanted was that other person? It's an intense song with intense emotions and yes, I have cried while listening to it in the past, and sometimes when I hear it in a casual setting I do feel like I'm getting punched in the face.

The Kill- 30 Seconds to Mars 

This song is still a bop because it's fun to sing! In my opinion it's gotten better with age as I now appreciate the melodrama instead of thinking that I related to the melodrama.

Dark Blue- Jack's Mannequin 

If you haven't heard Dark Blue you should listen to it now because it's funny. I thought it was funny back in the day, too, but the lyrics are seriously relatable despite being hilarious.

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