Top 10 Favorite Songs From 'Infinity On High'
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Top 10 Favorite Songs From 'Infinity On High'

Top 10 Favorite Songs From 'Infinity On High'

Last monday marked the 10 year anniversary of Fall Out Boy’s Infinity on High. And if you don't know about Fall Out Boy then WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! They are the royals of Pop Punk and the Emo Trinity, and this very album is one of the many reasons why.

But first a little history of FOB: They consist of Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, and Andy Hurley; and they formed in Wilmette, Illinois on 2001. Besides releasing IOH, they first released From Under the Cork Tree (CLASSIC), Folié a Deux, Save Rock and Roll, and American Beauty/American Psycho. They've been known as Pop Punk/Emo royalty and they've been also known for changing they genre for the Pop/Rock sound, but just like everyone else I love them for their classic AND current stuff.

But back to IOH, one of the many albums that changed the Pop Punk genre and changed FOB forever. I will forever love this album for getting me through personal life and getting me to love Fall Out Boy 10000x more. And in honor of Infinity on High, I made a list of my favorite songs from the loving and never underrated, Infinity on High.

Don't You Know Who I Think I Am
“We only want to sing you to sleep, with your bedroom speakers…” Got me hooked on the song RIGHT AWAY. The lyrics are gonna be the main reasons why I love the songs on this list and this song is no exception. Especially since there happened to be a lot of people sleeping to FOB (guilty). Also Pete’s bass line in the beginning (thanks, Pete). Which leads to the music portion, you're definitely able to bang your head and mosh to the song (do people even still mosh to FOB?) But my main overall love for the song has to go for the lyrics which moved me the minute I heard the song (again, thanks Pete).
Fame < Infamy
Let's go over this one line real quick: “When I'm home alone, I just dance by myself. And you pull my hips so close; volume goes with the truth.” Back to the song, this is a warning that you'll get a “Champagne is for Real Friends” vibe, which is a reason why I love this son: you're able to jump, dance, and do many things to this song, even during the break. Also this one line,”I'm addicted to the way I feel when I think of you” gets me hooked so if that's not another reason why I love this song then I don't know what to tell you.
Let's be honest, the main reason why I love this song is the fact that when they played their first tour after a god knows how long hiatus this very song was their intro and the fact that it was the first song warmed my Emo heart because it was so put together (and if you heard the song you'll know exactly what I'm talking about). But back to the song,if you have a sick open to the song, not to mention JAY-Z, not only is the song gonna be sick BUT THE ALBUM ITSELF, is gonna be sick. I get so lost and distracted everywhere I got because the music gets you so hooked in the song (again, guilty).
Bang the Doldrums
The next songs on the list are on the top of the list because the lyrics are so meaningful. Some people love the music, and some love the lyrics, and some love both. Infinity on High, mainly these songs in particular got me to love the lyrics of music. And Bang the Doldrums is no exception. “Best friends, ex-friends till the end. Better off as lovers, and not the other way around…” The song is a typical FOB song: Pete’s lyrics, Patrick’s voice of an angel, and the music in between. What more could you want?
This song is one of the many songs in tha album that has made me cry. The music in the song is beautiful, Patrick is an angel in this song, and of course the lyrics. “And I saw God cry in the reflection of my enemies” keeps giving me chills every time. I keep thinking it's an interlude to Thnks fr Th mms, but it's so more than that honestly.
You're Crashing, But You're No Wave
This is one of those songs that you'll hear at shows and as soon as you hear the guitar you already know what song this is, and by the first minute you're already on headbanging/mosh pit mode, it's that good. By the bridge comes in and you'll hear the break and that's when you want to start jumping (which is my favorite part btw), that's how much I love the song. The music in this song will forever hold a place in my heart because of all the mosh pits and headbanging that are caused. Also, this is a warning that it'll give you a Dance, Dance vibe.
This Ain't a Scene
Everyone and their mother practically KNOWS this song, as soon as you hear the first five seconds you already know the lyrics of this song. Especially the part when it goes “THIS AIN'T A SCENE IT'S A DAMN ARMS RACE” (seriously who doesn't?). And the music video is 10 times hilarious since it starts AFTER Dance,Dance. I'm not gonna even go into detail because 1) everyone knows this song and 2) the song and music video are straight up CLASSIC FOB.
Hum Hallelujah
I saw this post on Facebook one time that said this song was in a different key compared to the famous “Hallelujah” that we all know, and that key happened to be the KEY OF REASON. It's these clever stunts that FOB pull that not only result in my loving FOB more but the songs more.
It's Hard to Say I Do when I Don't
This was the one of many songs that I was hooked on the minute I got the album, I couldn't stop listening to this song and after knowing its on the DELUXE version (MIND BLOWN), I was in love with it even more. The title is pretty damn clever, which says a lot about the songs and the lyrics. “You're appealing to emotions that I simply do not have…” And “but the only ring I want buried with me are the ones around my eyes..” Again, pretty damn clever. Also the breakdown in the song gives me chills. I thought this was legit the last song of the album but that was when I found out it's in the deluxe version (again, MIND. BLOWN.)
I'm like a Lawyer
As soon as I heard this song I downloaded the album straight after. I was (and still am) obsessed with this song from senior year of HS till now and I'm in love with the music and the lyrics; “Last years wishes are this years apologies..” This song is so incredibly beautiful, from the music to the lyrics. I'm highly sure this is a love song, which is ANOTHER reason I love this song. Again, add Pete’s lyrics and Bass, Andy’s Drums, Joe’s Guita, and Patrick's angel voice and you got one of the many favorite songs of Infinity on High and Fall Out Boy in general.

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