Father's Day Without My Father

In the blink of an eye, Father’s Day is already upon us. Yet, for my sister, mother and me, this Father’s Day will be different. No, I will not be giving my dad a big, warm hug on Sunday. Never again will I get to tell him in person that he was the greatest dad a girl could ask for. Amidst all this sadness, I do my best to stay positive. While these past three months have felt more like three years, I have come to realize that my father truly is in a better place now because I pray to him every day. Recently, I was trying to help my mom find a document she needed in our extremely cluttered and unorganized basement. While I was still away at college, she had spent weeks looking in every drawer, folder and compartment in the basement in hopes that she would find exactly what she was looking for. A few days after I came home for summer break, we both went down together to look for it. I said a quick prayer to my dad asking him to help us find what we were looking for because it was important and would make us very happy if we found it. Right after I did this, I walked into the back room of our basement and directly to a file cabinet in the farthest corner of the room that I did not even know existed. I wasn’t even going to go into the room at first, but I felt oddly compelled to do so. I opened a random drawer and realized that all of the files were alphabetized. I found the section that I needed, found a folder that was labeled with exactly what we were looking for, opened it up and there was the single document that my mom had spent weeks trying to find. Now, this might seem like just plain luck, but I feel otherwise. My mom had looked in all of the logical places where this tiny sheet of paper could have been, but with no luck. All it took was a quick little prayer to my dad, and within minutes, I was holding the piece of paper I needed in my hands. My mom was so happy that she screamed.

Moments like this comfort me and help me to stay positive. Sure, Father’s Day is going to be a challenge for my family and me, but my father will always be with us in spirit. I have countless memories, along with a strong faith, that will continue to help me get through this tough time. I remind myself that I was lucky enough to have a father that was so great that it makes Father’s Day this hard to get through. As Winnie the Pooh said, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

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