An Open Letter to My Hero

Every little girl sees their dad as their hero, for me it was no different, and to this day I can truly say I still believe it. Whether it involves fixing something, cheering me up, or giving me the most amazing life I could ask for he's been there for me. My dad is my coach not only in sports, but in life too. He taught me right from wrong and how to be strong and I know I am who I am, where I am, doing what I am because of him.

My dad has made it through things I cannot imagine. He is easily the strongest man I know. He has taught me so much about life. I'll remember the time he somehow taught me to ride a bike, change a tire, and even drive a tractor. He's taught me so much more than that though.

My father taught me to love unconditionally and to always do what's right. Little did he know that lesson would just bring numerous forced turtle saving stops. He taught me to forgive. Forgive relentlessly. No matter how many people have hurt my father he will never refuse someone a second chance, he will always accept that apology. I know there were many times he had to accept mine.

My dad not only taught us we could do anything no matter what we were told. He allowed us to dream as big as we could. He let me take my love for kids that I know was created by him, and turn it into a career path. He taught me to be silent when I need to be, but to also be loud and make my voice heard, especially when it's to help others.

No matter how many times he was let down or told he couldn't, he overcame. He taught me that if you are kind and compassionate, the world will open such amazing doors for you. He is so strong it shocks me, I have needed his strength so many times and I have never gone without it. He taught me family is the most important thing in the world and that the bond you can have with your family is truly unbreakable.

My dad has grown up, started a family, and started his own business all practically on his own. He still works insanely hard for us to have an amazing life and I get to attend the best university in Alabama because of his hard work. He is my world.

There is not a day that goes by without me thinking of him. Dad I miss you so much and I love you for all that you've done for me. You are truly my hero. Thank you for the countless hours you spent coaching me for softball or helping with theatre or running all the way to the finish line with me at Cross Country meets. Thank you for loving me and ensuring I never feel alone and for never giving up on me regardless of the amount of times I was last in a race, or frustrated over the stupid boys I wish I had listened to you about. Thank you for loving me regardless of my choices (although we know there are some you don't approve of) and for always supporting me. Thank you for the Yankee games, teaching me to love football, picking me up everytime I wrecked, never failing to get me that purple milkshake I desperately needed, and for sitting through every doctor's appointment regardless of how busy you are. You are one of my best friends, biggest fan, and favorite gameday hangout. I love you dad and I will always be your Sweet Pea.

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