FAT. Who suddenly transformed this simple, harmless word into an insulting adjective? Because it boggles my mind. Fat is something EVERYONE has. I don't care if you are the size of a toothpick — there is fat on your body. Hell, it's inside your body too. Every single one of our bodies has fat on it.

Fat should not be considered a negative word. Who gets the almighty power and defines what fat is, whose body is "fat" and whose is not? NO ONE. That's my point. We all have our different ideas on who we think is "fat" or "not fat," and that’s why it is unfair to use it as an adjective. Some people may think a certain size is fat while others may not. You can ask someone that is the size of the titanic or the size of a pin, and they will call themselves fat or be unhappy with how they look. That is where we go wrong and is the root of our insecurities. We are fueling our minds with this word that we focus so deeply on, and it doesn't help the fact that we constantly compare ourselves to others. The fact that EVERYONE has different opinions and different attractions to various things makes it difficult to feel confident, because one person may think one thing and one may think another.

If we happen to hear someone call someone else fat, we suddenly begin to either compare ourselves to them “fat” wise or transfer the comment onto ourselves. Who knows what the next person would say about them? They may think they are gorgeous and have the perfect body. It’s all a matter of opinion, and fat shouldn’t be a word up in the air for people to grab and spit at others and at oneself. I've heard this a million times, and I know that someone isn't toenails — they have toenails. We can turn any word into a negative connotation if we teach people to do that. If all of a sudden having too much or too little of some random verb on our bodies holds a negative connotation, we create a totally new irrational insecurity.

We cannot please everyone, and we shouldn’t have to. It is so unfair to call someone fat — the same way it is unfair to call someone skinny. Who made up the standards as to what is skinny and what is fat? Like I've been saying, everyone's opinion is different, as well as irrelevant. As long as WE love our bodies, then WE are spectacular. We weren't born to tear others down and call them fat or skinny.

When I’m listening to conversations and hear people say "oh she/he is fat," I ask myself: according to who?? Because... 1: No one should call ANYONE fat regardless of their size. And 2: someone may be "fat" to them but "skinny" to someone else. We need to steer away from putting labels on people's body size.

It also bothers me because someone can have more body fat percentage than someone else but be healthier in many other ways than someone with little body fat. The only thing we equate fat with when we use it as an adjective is physical looks, and that needs to be eliminated completely. It’s different from saying "oh she has brown hair or blonde hair," because that is a known fact that cannot be opinionated. Someone's size shouldn't be discussed or discriminated upon because EVERYONE is a different size and build. You also have zero idea on someone's medical history, which makes it all the more inappropriate.

And like the picture says: YOU AIN'T FAT, YOU HAVE FAT. Just like EVERYONE ELSE. Same way you don't say you are hair, you HAVE hair. Never describe someone's body and negatively talk about them using the words fat or skinny because your words only hurt and change absolutely nothing; every one of us is still hot as hell.