Being Fat Should Be Criticized
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Being Fat Should Be Criticized

Being undisciplined and obsessed is a crime with drugs, why not with burgers?

Being Fat Should Be Criticized
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This is a disclaimer that anyone with a disability that prevents them from losing weight after working out is not who I’m discussing.

It’s unpopular to say, but someone has to say it. In 2016, things such as the body positivity movement have taken a narrative that being who you are is beautiful no matter what size. I have some harsh news for those people, that behavior isn't beautiful.

Beauty is not eating 5 pizzas and downing a diet coke because you think it's fine. Beauty is not blaming society for the reason you can’t get up and walk for more than 5 minutes. Cocaine, Heroin, Sugar, and Porn have one thing in common and no it’s not the fact that these four in the right hands can make for one hell of a party, it’s that they’re all addictive. We don’t glorify cocaine users and say it’s their body, leave them alone, we throw them in jail. I don’t think throwing fat people in jail will solve much but maybe a little boot camp might help. It doesn’t matter how you feel about your body, you can love, hate, dislike it, feel indifferent but one thing you cannot change is biological fact. It is a fact that eating too much has become a problem in America.

Doesn't it seem a bit ironic that America, the country favored to win the most gold medals in the Olympics every 4 years, is also the worlds fattest country with 78 Million American overweight? Just to put that in some perspective, China the country in second place has 46 million people overweight, and has nearly 4 times the population of America. It seems like all the discipline and that communism China has should be placed on the food supply in America.

When this comes out of a doctor’s mouth, you call for the doctor’s job. When it comes from my mouth, I’ll probably be called a sexist or a bigot. That’s fine, my job isn’t to make popular statements. Doctors jobs are not to make you feel comfortable with your weight. Their job is to tell you the problems that come with your weight and how to fix it.

It is a fact that the average women in America today weights the same as the average man in the 1960’s and considering how men and women distribute their weight differently, it’s more likely that women are just getting fatter and not bulkier.

This also doesn’t just apply to women, this applies to men and I’m even more disappointed in men who have to stop walking after 5 minutes because they’ve eaten themselves to a miserable medical record. In fact, nearly 75 percent of men are overweight. Knowing this is both scary and not surprising. Three of the top five leading causes of death in America can be heavily influenced due to a poor diet. Heart disease, stroke, and lower respiratory diseases along with diabetes can all be made easier to obtain with a poor diet. I tried to write a book on how to lose weight and be in proper shape, but a one sentence book does not sell. Stop eating more calories than you’re burning off. It’s 10 dollars for a month’s worth of oatmeal, 10 dollars a month for a gym membership, 12 dollars for bottled water for a month and about 20 dollars for chicken breast for a month. The average American spends 1200 dollars a year on fast food. You can spend less than 100 dollars a month for standard food, water and a gym membership but the average American spends 1200 a year? Now we know it isn’t about money, you’re just lazy.

A message to the lazy, sorry and pathetic individuals who can’t seem to get their act together, you can either walk on a treadmill or walk your way to the world of heart disease, diabetes, or a stroke. It's your choice"

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