NFL Fantasy Football: The 2016-2017 Winning Guide
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NFL Fantasy Football: The 2016-2017 Winning Guide

We Will Be Victorious!

NFL Fantasy Football: The 2016-2017 Winning Guide

Football is back! With the regular season almost here, my fellow average Joe's truly know what has commenced, Fantasy Football. The heavens gift to humankind, but a curse to not only be the best, but to also not come in last place.

We all know what happens to those that are damned by the football gods, anything from their hair being shaved to being waxed or ultimately ending up with the Sacko Trophy ('The League' TV show reference). We all know the consequences of losing and that is why we must pray to the football gods and do everything in our power to win it all.

Here's a survival guide to winning your league, I will go over players/defenses that are must picks and those who I predict to be sleepers this year. Join me, my brothers and sisters, for the games are soon to commence.


Let us begin with the QBs, as they will be the leaders of your fantasy football team. Here are the three options and a dark horse candidate to take a chance on in the later rounds.

Aaron Rodgers

The bad man himself, Aaron "discount double check" Rodgers should be the number one QB on your board. With Wide Receivers: Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Davantae Adams healthy and running back Eddie Lacy at a healthier weight, the offense will truly be a force to be reckoned with. Aaron Rodgers is sure to benefit with the offense having so many weapons.

Andrew Luck

Although, shaky was his last season due to injuries - have no fear as he looks to his old form again. This is the same man that led the league with 40 TDs. Do not let the past deter from picking up Luck.

With Tight End Dwayne Allen, and the deadly trio of WR's including T.Y Hilton, Dontae Moncrief, and Philip Dorsett, the offense should be formidable.

Let's just say, Luck will bring that extra luck you may need for your fantasy team.

Ben Roethlisberger

Need I say more than Antonio Brown? Star receiver and top fantasy draft pick is his favorite target, both will greatly benefit from each other.

Add in speedsters Markus Wheaton and Sammie Coates and TE Ladarius Green that can stretch the field, this will be a high octane offense that will score plenty of points.

Dark Horse: Cam Newton

With him returning off a season with career highs in TD's and yards completed, not to mention starting WR Kelvin Benjamin returning back healthy, look for Cam Newton to turn some heads this season.

Running Backs

RB's are the bread and butter to your fantasy team, they can either break you or make you. Here's a look at who you should pick.

Todd Gurley

This young buck is a beast! After finishing his rookie year with the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award and 10 touchdowns in 13 games - this is a guy you want to choose as your first round pick. His breakaway speed and power are why you want him leading your fantasy team; trust me, you want Gurley.

Adrian Peterson

You cannot deny greatness, and that certainly is what Adrian Peterson truly is. Although, he's getting up there in age - reports from camp are that he's better than ever and will be the focal point of the entire offense.

This just means there will be a lot of fantasy points headed your way if you pick him. With the addition of Alex Boone and an improved o-line, look out NFL. Don't sleep on him.

Dark Horses:

Ezekiel Elliott (DAL)

Yes I know he's a rookie - but, he has the measurables, the speed, the power, and the vision you want in a running back. One more thing he's running behind are the Cowboys beast offensive line, that part defenses like Moses parted the sea.

He is someone to look out for in the later rounds and could end up as a steal.

Carlos Hyde (SF)

Healthy Carlos Hyde has the power, speed, vision and ability to shed tackles like no other. He looks like a pro bowl running back when he is at a 100%. The 49ers bolstered up their offensive line with the return of Anthony Davis, who was best at creating holes for running backs and addition of rookie offensive guard Joshua Garnett, who is phenomenal in the running game.

Look out for Carlos Hyde in the later rounds, he could end up truly earning his spot on your fantasy football team.

Wide Reciever's

Antonio Brown

The one and only pro-bowl star and stud of a receiver, Antonio Brown. Brown will easily not only be the first receiver taken, but could very well be the first overall pick.

His prowess on the field that consists of his play making ability, his speed, and his route running ability is why he'll be a fantasy force. With the likes of Ben Roethlisberger throwing to him, both are to benefit from each other.

Look out for Antonio Brown, he will be the savior of someone's fantasy football team.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Need I say more than the one handed catch?

On a serious note, Odell has taken this league by storm and nothing should change in the 2016-2017 season, you want him on your fantasy team. No other way to simply put it.

Julio Jones

Physical freak, that's exactly what I think when someone mentions Julio Jones. He has the measures, the power, the speed, the route running... the man has everything.

If Matt Ryan can stay consistent, Jones should have a wonderful season. Julio Jones is another star you should be looking to add to your team.

Dark Horse: DeAndre Hopkins (HOU)

Although, Brock Osweiler has been shaky to consistent in his few starts on his new found team, DeAndre Hopkins has made lesser QB's look good.

DeAndre Hopkins is an underrated player, you will have to keep your eye on.

Tight End's

Rob Gronkowski

Gronk is the best TE in the game, and no one comes close. He's a physical freak, he sheds tackles as if they're sacks of potatoes, he is a man amongst boys.

The Gronk should be a TE you target early in the rounds. Although, Tom Brady is suspended, Gronkowski will be Jimmy Garoppolo's favorite and reliable target.

Delanie Walker

Speed! Walker certainly has that and he has shown time and time again that speed kills as he stretches out defenses.

He is by far Marcus Mariota's favorite and most reliable target, look for him to have another pro-bowl season.

Dark Horses: Travis Kelce

Although at times he is inconsistent. But, when he is on - he is on fire and looks like the second coming of the Gronk.

Keep an eye on him. His play and action is directly related to that of Alex Smith (his QB) and we all know Smith likes throwing short intermediate routes to his TE's.


Denver Broncos

One of the best secondary in the leagues, that's not even mentioning the fact that Von Miller the beast will be back.

Look for them to shut down opponents.

Arizona Cardinals

One of best corners in the game with Patrick Peterson and star defensive back Tyrann Mathieu coming back healthy. They should be stellar against the passing league the NFL has become.

Overall a really good defense that'll rack up interceptions and possible shutouts.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks defense is still the Seahawks defense. Not much has changed. They still have an elite secondary and a solid defensive line, with really good linebackers.

With Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor leading the secondary, Michael Bennett leading the defensive line, and Bobby Wagner leading the line backer corps, this defense will remain really phenomenal.

Overall Thoughts

Brother and Sisters, my fantasy football companions, lets this be your guide to not only win your fantasy league, but to also dominate and obliterate your opponents. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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