Family Ties: Why College Has Made Me Appreciate My Family Bond Even More Than Ever

Family Ties: Why College Has Made Me Appreciate My Family Bond Even More Than Ever

Sometimes you forget how important people are until you have to let them go.

Honestly, it feels as if I have been at college for a couple months now, and I’ve only been here for about two weeks. One of the most challenging things to cope with before I left was how I was going to get by without my family by my side. It’s just my dad, my mom, my brother, and I, so we are pretty close knit. My brother attended college locally, so I was the first one to fly from the nest. As I ventured through my younger years and all the way through my high school years, one of the only things that got me by was the support of my loving family. Without them, I would not be at a top-ranked university today.

  • My dad- My dad is kind of a gruff guy. In all honesty, he seems scary to some people. This is not the case, though. My dad would do anything for anyone even if he did not know them. Throughout my years at home, my dad taught me many important things. Since he is a former cop, he has always emphasized how important it is to make good choices. Even the slightest bad decisions can get you into worlds of trouble. He is also a handy man. He made sure I knew how to fix stuff so that some day when I am living on my own (like now), I would be able to help myself.
  • My mom- My mom is my best friend, hands down. Not only is she hysterical, she’s loyal to everyone in her life, especially her family. My mom and I have been through loads of stuff together. She is the kind of mother who throws you a big birthday party even if you don’t want one, and she's always stressing how important it is for me to get out of my comfort zone. Without her motivation and assistance, I know I’d still be the shy little girl that I was just a few years ago. She saw the potential in me when I was unable to see it for myself.
  • My brother- Patrick is a very special guy. He, like my father, would do anything for a stranger on the street. He is always there to remind when I am doing something I shouldn’t be doing. Ever since we were kids, he’s always treated me like I am one of his main responsibilities. Besides this, he is always there to make me laugh. We always joke that we are twins because our humor is identical. I don’t know what I would do without my big brother to keep me in check.

Now that I am at college, I realize more and more how much I miss seeing my family every day, but it makes me feel happy to know how proud they are of me. Seeing me thrive is just as important to them as it is to me. I know I will never see them as much as I used to, but that is okay. We will always be close to heart, and you never venture too far away from the ones who helped you get where you are today. Even though we are many miles apart, our love and compassion is stronger than ever.

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