10 Of The Very Best Things About Fall
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10 Of The Very Best Things About Fall

Fall, a nice change in weather and all of the pumpkin spice imaginable.

10 Of The Very Best Things About Fall

I love fall. The changing leaves, the cooler weather, the popularity of pumpkin spice, the cozy sweaters, all make up the best season of the year. I know I'm not the only one who looks forward to this particular season all year. I asked ten different people their favorite things about fall, and I'm sure you'll find something on this list that gets you excited for the season too.

1.  "I love College football on Saturdays!"

Clemson University  Giphy

College football is a basic necessity for living in the south. Tailgates, competition, and a friendly rivalry (which is hardly ever actually friendly) are all staples of the season. It brings people together for the food and can easily cause tension that is soon forgotten.

2.  "I enjoy going to pumpkin patches."

1.) Pick a Pumpkin live.staticflickr.com

Pumpkin patches are a great location for avid picture lovers, a simple date option, and a nice place to enjoy the weather with the fresh air. Not a lot can go bad when this is used as an option, as long as you don't step or trip over a pumpkin.

3.  "I am OBSESSED with all of the pumpkin spice flavored foods."

Pumpkin spice latte, fall, autumn, pumpkin, orange - free image ... Pumpkin spice latte, fall, autumn, pumpkin, orange - free image ...

Ahhh, yes of course. Who doesn't love the mix of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves? Personally, I think it is the best combination anyone has ever put together. Pumpkin flavored foods flood the grocery stores (and my heart), leaving me ready for winter hibernation after eating my body weight in pumpkin desserts.

4. "Man, I wait all year for bonfires!"

Have a bonfire Giphy

Bonfires are PERFECT when the weather cools down. It's not too hot and not too cold to hang out with friends and family. It may leave you smelling like burnt wood but totally worth it. Also, roasting marshmallows to create smores or to eat alone is always the best part for all sugar lovers.

5. "It's just nice to go outside without pouring sweat."

2. You pull in and immediately develop a nervous knot in your stomach. Giphy

I think everyone feels this, ESPECIALLY on a southern college campus when it is as hot as Satan's kitchen walking to classes. You might as well not even dress nice for events and class when you just know all of your effort will be ruined in that five minute walk. Thankfully in fall we don't have to worry about that.

6. "The prevalence of apples and all of its dessert contributions."

Caramel Apples @curveslikeadonut

Some may debate on which fall fruit is the best, apple or pumpkin. But there is plenty of both to go around. The apple orchards are in full swing and the best one's even have a place to buy all of the best apple desserts and pastries. You might love the warmth of an apple crisp or apple donut or keep it classic with a candied apple. Personally, I love the sourness of a bright green granny apple.

7. "I wait all year for the fair to come to town!"

Go to a fair/carnival

Oh the fair. It brings up a lot of mixed memories for me, mainly because I was not a fan of the spinning rides. If the smell of mini animal farms, fried food, trash and vomit excite you though, this would be an activity for you. Fairs are constantly featured in all high school love movies as the perfect date spot. I could never eat enough fried Oreos and funnel cake to be satisfied. I definitely was that kid that just hung out at the food trucks while everyone took on the long lines and terrifying rides.

8. "It is such a nice change of colors in the leaves."

Crunching The Leaves On The Ground @terrartemis

The leaves turning orange and brown and falling off of the trees is a clear sign that fall has begun. Especially for those who don't love the vibrant summer colors, these warm cozy colors can immediately change your perspective.

9. "The holidays are definitely the best in the fall."

woman with black hair holding jack o lantern Photo by Zachary Kadolph on Unsplash

Whether you love Halloween or Thanksgiving, fall is the perfect time of year. You can wear that costume and be whoever you want and then immediately gain 5 pounds a month later with all of the comfort food.

10. "The candle scents make my house smell like home."

Pumpkin Bakery Soy Candles — 20% Off Amazon

YES! The amazing scents can make you instantly hungry. Cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar, pumpkin, and other deep intense aromas. It makes the cold weather seem a little more homey.

If fall is your favorite season, you should love all of these amazing aspects! And if not, at least there are 10 good things to look forward to.

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