The Fall Season Is The Best Season

1. Flannel season.

I'm not saying t-shirts and shorts weren't a fun time, but they had their turn in the spotlight. The flannels have been on sale since May and I want to show off the ones I bought, okay? (And maybe I'm starting to look for excuses not to shave.)

2. Apple cider.

Whether you get it from the local Dunks or press the apples yourself, there's nothing better than sipping on a cold (or hot!) cup of apple cider at the end of a long day. Add some cinnamon and you've pretty much got liquid gold on your hands.

3. Fall foliage.

Has it really turned to fall if you're not out there at least once taking photos of all of the leaves falling? If you live in the right place, fall can be beautiful. All of the leaves turn different shades of orange and red and yellow. And across a wide expanse of hills? Make sure you bring your camera along.

4. The Sweltering Heat

Seriously, it's getting old. We might have rejoiced in like, May, when we were coming off of the tail end of the winter, but the constant sweating and morning cold showers...? Not so much. Bring on the Crisp Fall Air, please. It's much better than the Sticky Summer Air.

5. Cozy sweaters!

I see you. They were on sale over the summer, weren't they? Chunky, cable-knit, oversized darlings that came in all shapes and sizes. Perfect for fall and excellent with jeans and some combat boots. Or, just, you know. Good to curl up with on a lazy afternoon while you're trying not to think about all of the homework you've got to do.

6. Autumn-scented candles. All of them.

Cinnamon Spice. Apples and Cloves. The fall version of apple pie that somehow doesn't smell the same as the 4th of July version, so you go and buy it anyways. Gingerbread Maple. There may be a whole line of candles on your shelf waiting to be lit, but it's not exactly going to stop you from going out and buying new ones.

7. Time Has Actually Passed and I Have Changed

Summer's always been a time for change. Whether we lose weight, meet new people, or take a good look at ourselves, at the end of summer, we're ready for fall and ready to debut our new selves. News flash to summer: we're kinda done reinventing ourselves. We'd appreciate it if you made room for fall, now. Thanks.

8. Halloween decorations.

If you're not decorating your house in Halloween decorations (and subsequently, Thanksgiving decorations) in jeans, a sweater, and some boots, it just feels like you're decorating your house way too early, and it'll definitely get you a weird look from the neighbors. There needs to be a right mood for putting on your decorations, and feeling like the middle of summer is decidedly not it.

9. Fall sports.

Football! Whether you're watching it or playing it (or even playing in the stands with the band), somehow football became the sport of fall. It's more of a sport that's associated with Thanksgiving, yes, but at the same time, there's something so distinctly fall about getting together with your friends on a chilly night and cheering for your local college/high school team.

10. Apple picking. Or pear picking, TBH.

...and if you don't make apple pie with the proceeds, why did you go in the first place? Apple picking is a delightful activity that doubles as some pretty nifty team bonding. Plus, many apple orchards offer more than just apples -- some offer pears, large hedge mazes, and, of course, hayrides. You can't go wrong.

11. Long walks outside.

The lack of sweltering heat finally means that it may be bearable to step outside for more than ten minutes. Put together the perfect fall playlist, pull on your running shoes, and you're sure to have a good time. Bonus points, of course, if you're able to look at all of the fall foliage while you take that long walk.

12. Leaf piles!

Fall means falling leaves. Falling leaves mean you'll have to rake them up. And raking them up means that you're about to spend a couple of exhausting hours exerting energy into cleaning. Why not use the finished product and go back to your childhood? The bigger the pile, the bigger the sense of satisfaction.

13. Summer clothing sales

One of the prime rules about clothing sales is that all of the clothes in season are now annoyingly expensive. The bright side? All of the summer clothes you spent the last season staring longingly at? Retailers are probably looking to get rid of them, so now's your chance! Buy that swimsuit!

14. Any longer and we'll just go straight into winter.

Before we know it, we'll all be forced to don long, puffy coats, mittens and knit hats. And like summer fashion, winter fashion has a time and place: after apple picking, after Halloween and Thanksgiving, and most importantly, after we've all grown tired of apple cider

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