Everyone pretty much knows what takes place during the fall season. However, if you live in a location where fall isn't really evident, allow me to enlighten you. To most teenage girls, fall means Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks, Ugg boats, plaid blanket scarfs and going to pumpkin patches with friends and taking way too many pictures. Fall is also when the whether is getting chillier, the leaves are turning colors and falling from the trees and everyone soaks up this sweet spot before the harsh effects of winter come. However, I believe there is a deeper meaning to the fall season that people tend to overlook, especially people my age.

When you think of fall, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the whether getting cooler, the leaves changing colors, or going to Starbucks and finally being able to order your Pumpkin Spice latte again? For me, the leaves changing colors is what I notice first. On the surface, the leaves changing colors is just something pretty look at it. To be able to admire all of the different hues of red, green, brown, yellow and everything in between. And of course, they're also fun to put into piles and play with (even if you're a little older). That all being said, when you look at the beauty in these leaves, you're actually admiring something that is dead. All of the leaves are dry, crisp, and paper thin and have reached the end of their life but look so beautiful. I think that is something to notice.

The leaves changing colors and falling from the trees indicate that there can be beauty in letting go. That there can be beauty in certain things ending because it means better things are too come. When the fall leaves let themselves go from the trees, they embark on a journey all the down to the earth. They then reach the earth and new leaves soon begin to form on the trees. Meaning, the leaves falling from the trees could represent negative qualities or experiences you wish to rid yourself of and then the new leaves that are formed from the tree (in this context the tree is you) represent what you have learned from those dead leaves and how you've grown past them, both literally and figuratively.

Fall leaves, to me, are also reminders that ones journey can be long and hard but ultimately beautiful in the end. That hard work and dedication does pay off and a rich reward will soon come. Fall is a time where we as people can step back and admire the art of letting go and how breathtaking that actually is. That sense of letting go is a good thing and it frees us from the negative thoughts or experiences previously holding us back.

Fall is a time for reflection, I believe anyway. I think one can learn a lot from the fall leaves when really paying attention to them. Even though you shouldn't just wait every year for fall to come around to free yourself more mentally, I think the leaves changing and the fall season is a good reminder to do so. There can be a lot said about things in nature when you really look into them, you just have to be willing to look. So, take a hint from the leaves falling around you and let it all go.