People say that opposites attract. However, the actual law of attraction corrects us by saying that "like attracts like" or "you attract what you need." This means that if you are shy or uncomfortable around crowds, your partner/significant other/best friend will most likely be social and outgoing. This is one fact that I can vouch for. So, my extroverted best friend, this one's for you.

After five years of friendship, people mistake us for sisters. That is exactly what we have become to the world: Sisters. There really aren't many words I can say to accurately portray the role you play in my life and how I see you, so to me, you are undefined. You have supported me through my worst times and celebrated with me through my best. Now, I'm aware that's the typical job of a "best friend," and it's a line used in just about every appreciation post for best friends everywhere. This one stands out because this one is about you and there can only be one you in this world.

You are undefined. You don't allow anyone to assign you an interpretation because you demand to create your own. Like a zero in the denominator of a fraction, you are not possible in any rational form. Of course, I can list off the things that are obvious about yo–you are intelligent, beautiful, and creative–but sometimes, aspects of you are hidden from the public. Some hidden things are how much you love people and how much you give to the people you care about. You are one of the few people I have met that knows how to love herself fully and, in turn, shares that love with others.

I admire you most for your ability to make friends in less than a second. With one word or even one smile, you've connected with a completely random stranger. Once upon a time, I was one of those strangers and, to be honest, sometimes I don't know how we ended up here. It all moved so fast. In moments of insecurity, I fear that my introverted tendencies may drive you away. I rely on you a lot at times but you never fail to show me patience and love, reassuring me in the simplest ways. Every random call to tell me that you're coming over and every plan made on the spot makes me feel closer to you. I know that you know this, but I also love being invited out with you and your new friends (even if you have to reassure me that I'm not intruding and literally no one is bothered by my presence).

What I'm trying to say is that we have grown so much–separately and together–and I am so proud of us. Now, we're here meeting new people and creating new experiences, but we're still keeping each other close. Although WVU was not your first choice of school, I am so overwhelmingly glad that you came. I could not imagine taking this journey with anyone else. I can't wait to see you follow your dreams and lead the life that you have worked so hard for.

Thank you for helping me out of my little hole as we accompany each other through this wild life.

I appreciate you and I love you.


Your introverted best friend