The new school year brings so much excitement. You're so hopeful for everything that's going to happen this year. You guarantee it is going to be the best yet! But let's be real with ourselves. It's going to be the exact same as every other year, unless you actively go out of your way to change it, which you definitely won't. But you know what, it's the thought that counts!

Expectation: Having the best wardrobe that everyone is going to want to borrow

Reality: You're still wearing the same thing you wore 100 times last year.

Expectation: Really staying on top of you schoolwork

Reality: You somehow managed to only get better at procrastinating

Expectation: You're really gonna stick to a gym routine and get really fit!

Reality: Does thinking about the walk to the gym count as a workout?

Expectation: Really improving my diet too and only eating healthy food.

Reality: Yeah, that lasted about 10 minutes.

Expectation: I'm going to keep everything clean and organized!

Reality: Hm, wonder where that shirt went, I haven't seen it in months..

Expectation: Not wasting time anymore; I'm going to be so productive.

Reality: Well, I finished another series on Netflix, time to start the next I guess.

Expectation: I'll be smart with my money and save it for something special

Reality: Wow look at that, I didn't know bank accounts could be negative

Expectation: This is going to be my year!

Reality: At least I tried??

Each year we try to improve ourselves as people and get disappointed in ourselves when we come up short of our expectations. But hey, you're pretty great just the way you are! You've made it this far, so don't worry if you can't get your shit together this year. You're still killing it!