An Open Letter To My Little

Dear Little,

I met you on the day that you had received your bid from my sisterhood and now it was yours! I remember standing by the path and holding the star with your name on it, so excited to meet my new sister. You ran up to me and yelled, "That's my name!" After bid day activities we went to Sonic and got to know each other more.

It may seem crazy, but I remember telling my roommates that you had to be my little. We had gotten along so well and seemed to be so in sync with each other even though we only knew the other one existed for a few hours.

I hope that you're just as excited as I am for you to officially be a part of this sisterhood. Since Bid Day, I hoped that I would be able to be a part of this amazing time for you. I know that this time can be exciting and stressful, but don't worry, it's not bad.

I hope that I have done my job as a big and have helped you adjust to college as easily as you can. That you have trusted me to be someone that you can come to for advice or a shoulder to cry on. Plus even being your personal photographer when we are out doing things with our sorority and you need the perfect angle.

Thank you for being such a great little as well. You have helped me see positives in things when I wasn't looking as well as always being there for each other when we wanted to complain about French class or needed help with it.

I couldn't have asked for a better little than you! You're so caring and thoughtful for others. I cannot wait to see what you will continue to do as you move your way up in life. You are on to do great things that neither of us knows yet.



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