Nothing makes you feel older than finding out the show that defined your childhood aired for the first time 10 years ago. I remember sitting at a cafeteria table with my fifth grade clique talking about how terrible "Hannah Montana" was going to be but then being obsessed the next day. Miley Cyrus is most definitely not the person she once was, but the memory of the old Miley will always have a place in our hearts.

Series premiere

This is when we met and officially fell in love with Miley/Hannah. With the quirky family and friends, the crazy drama no real person dealt with and the amazing Hannah closet, it's understandable why every tween girl was instantly obsessed

Later in the season is the introduction of Jake Ryan, the heartthrob we all had a huge crush on. If you don't think their kiss was the most dramatic scene of your tween life, you're lying to yourself.

Season two

At this point, we knew all the songs, owned the CDs and were fully committed to watching every week. The season was full of love interests, a lot of fights between Lilly and Miley and more guest stars than we even remember — everyone remembers the episode with the Jonas Brothers.

Season three

This is the season where Hannah claims to hate carrots and then has to dress up as one, starts acting in movies and Lilly and Oliver start dating. Also, Hannah got bangs and doesn't look like an awkward middle schooler anymore, even though most of her fan base consisted of just that.

Miley starts dating Jake again but then falls in love with the "bad boy" Jesse and writes that really catchy song about the situation. The season ends with Miley missing Tennessee and considering leaving the rockstar life behind. Instead, Robby Ray brings her horse to her and buys a new house (read: mansion) to make Miley feel more at home.

"Hannah Montana: The Movie"

At this point, I stopped watching "Hannah Montana" regularly (I thought I was too cool), but when the movie came out, I shamelessly admit I saw it. Basically, Hannah was becoming a brat and went back to Tennessee to "find herself" again and, in the process, finds a pretty hot guy and writes a few hit songs. The movie plot didn't really go along with what was happening in the show, but it was the start of the downward spiral of everyone knowing the secret.

Season four

The Stewart family moves into their new ranch, and Miley and Jake break up for good. Miley starts dating Jesse, and he tells her he knows her secret. This prompts Hannah to reveal her secret to the whole world on Jay Leno's show.

Miley goes on to live her life, graduates high school, gets into college and then is offered a role in a movie that would take her away from home for a year. She almost convinces Lilly to come with her but, last minute, Lilly changes her mind. The final episode ends with Miley showing up in Lilly's dorm introducing herself as her new roommate and then a montage of pictures from the past four seasons ends it all. *Cue tears*

Even though Miley has left this part of her life behind for good, Hannah will always be in our hearts, and the soundtracks will always be on Spotify.