In honor of Mother's Day I would like to dedicate this article to my amazing mother, and all the other mothers in the world. There are so many things our mothers do for us, and I honestly think it's impossible to complete that list, but here is my attempt at acknowledging three of the most important things mothers do.

1: Thank you mom, for giving me life.

It's a scientific fact that I wouldn't be who I am without you. You went through how ever many months carrying me around in you followed by however many hours of labor to bring me into this world, which was then followed by however many years of making me one of your top priorities. You raised me to do good, to believe in myself, and I strive each and every day to make you proud.

For the mothers who did not carry their child, or did but lost their angel along the way, do not think for a second that you aren't worth thanking. I know nothing about being a mother, but I do know that being a mother is more than being pregnant and giving birth. It's about raising your child right and making sure they are living a good life.

2: Thank you mom, for holding me when I cry.

From when I was an infant who was tired, to a toddler with a scraped knee, to a teenager who had their first heartbreak, to an adult who has no idea what the hell is going on, you've always been there with your arms wide open. You have never hesitated to be there for me, and I cannot believe I am lucky enough to have you in my life.

3: Thank you mom, for being the most important teacher.

No one has taught me to accept myself the way I am, to respect myself and others, and the value of life the way you have. You sat down with me and talked things through with me, and worked with me until I understood the importance of whatever lesson it was I needed to learn.

There is an overwhelming amount of other things my mother has done for me and it would be impossible to list everything. I hope one day I can be an amazing parent like you; even if I were to be a fraction as inspirational as you, I would be spectacular. Thank you mom. And although you deserve more than this article, I hope it sheds at least some light onto how perfect I see you to be. You deserve the world, because that's what you are to me.